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May 30, 2015
Thread started to carry the torch on the Hifiman Jade II discussion.


Initial cost set at $2,500 and includes amp and headphones.
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I can not believe that there is a JADE 2 !!!

And I have a feeling many will not get a chance to know the original or why it was special !

Ill try to do justice to the original here. This is for people that needs a quick refresher. And also this is a homage to the Original JADE !


Post pics:






And heres a cool look at the inside. I took mine apart to clean the inside and see What makes these, These!


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Well, this looks interesting. I’ve been on a bit of electrostatic kick as of late and this just might be what I’m looking for. Barring the HE6 and RE2000, HiFiman’s magic has in their low end and mid tier products. I’ll give them a go if they get the price point somewhere between the Stax L500 and L700. I rather liked the Shangri-La jr driven off a KG something or other, but not enough to pay the asking price once I factored the quality of the headphone in. I don’t think I’m alone in expecting utopia levels of quality and presentation for utopia prices. Anyway, I hope they hit one out of the park with this.
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Ah so they are going after the L700 with their pricing. I figured it would slot high at $3k. I’m still not biting though. I’ve been burned by the HiFiMan version monster before so I’d like to wait to see if this will mark the end of pushing out updates every 18-24 months.

I am happy with the price though. At that price point it will open up the electrostatic market to more people with more options. I can’t wait to give it a listen and see if it has any teeth.
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I’m not worried about Hifiman’s tendency to revise their line up at what seems to be a monthly pace. They’ve never disappointed me in the sound department. It’s just that build quality, my 801 looked like it was built with b-stock legos that sat in an oven for an hour and my HE6’s fell apart after about 4 months of heavy use. But, time heals all wounds and I’m willing to to give Hifiman another chance since it’s been about six to eight years since I last purchased one of their products. If these can stand the test of time, I’ll pick up the Jade MK XIV’s in a few years just to see how the sound has evolved. So, I’m in.
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Very surprised the Jade 2 is coming in at cheaper than the HE6se. Didn't see that one coming.

Might pick this one up just for the hell of it. I've been very impressed with the HE6se from a build quality and sound quality perspective. I think Hifiman has a great idea here revisiting their old classic well loved sonic signatures with updated build quality improvements.

If I end up picking one up I will post some thoughts here. I never really heard the original but from what people describe, it's exactly the kind of sound I like.
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Anyone have information on these?
Makes me wonder where the spotlight for the Shangri La Jr went...

These are much more reasonably priced -- I would be tempted to pick them up and try.
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Full disclosure I haven't personally heard them, but from the murmurs online these are more like a ShangriLa Jr. Jr. (ie. a junior version of the ShangriLa Jr) then an original HE Audio Jade reborn. It makes sense if you look at the tech involved, as it uses nano-tech which was used in the ShangriLa Jr.

Might be a disappointment for those expecting a Jade sound - as they seem closer to ShangriLa Jr (for better or worse).
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Has there been any news about this headphone in the last several months? Usually hifiman will announce something and then the next week people seem to have their hands on it. This has been kicking around for months with just crickets. Is it even a real product?

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