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Jade II Discussion

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by oneguy, Sep 30, 2018.
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  1. protoss
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  2. Lord Rexter
  3. ufospls2
    Hifiman just posted the following photos on their FB page. I guess that means it will be available soon.

  4. gto88
    Looks pretty good.
    Hope to get comparison with VOCE, Stax SR-007, and even HEK V2/SE.
    As headphone alone is $1399, which is pretty attractive, but then what amp to get
    if no buying the bundle.
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  5. Thenewguy007
    Item location:
    Urbana, Illinois, United States

    Nice, it ships from within the U.S., no need to wait to get it from overseas.

    Surprised they released it to the public before giving it to any reviewer to test out.

    Considering the hype the original Jade had, I would also think their would be more interest as well.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
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  6. davidmthekidd
    did anyone buy a Jade II? This combo is very interesting to say the least, maybe I can check em out at CanJam NYC in feb?
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  7. bluesaint
    Ordered a pair! Will see when it comes in. I also ordered a new IFI iESL energerizer. So basically will run this with the full IFI Pro stack of: iDSD Pro > iESL Pro > iCAN Pro. I'm hoping it'll be better than my HE1000 V2 so I can recoup some $ back!
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  8. Lord Rexter
    Nice share your impressions of Jade II with HiFiMAN and iFi iESL energerizers. Your insights would be of great help :ksc75smile:
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  9. Thenewguy007
    Definitely want to hear how it will stack up to the HE1000.
  10. spacequeen7
    I'm on the fence here ,was going to get L700's now this ,can't wait for some comparisons
  11. kendetamas
    Looking forward to reading impressions!
  12. wink
    ..... but, but.... it's not a Stax.......
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  13. Lord Rexter
    Nice! Oh well nothing is STAX as they are pioneers of the technology and aren't beat thus far (in my honest opinion) :ksc75smile:
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  14. rthomas
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  15. bluesaint
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