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itouch 4G + EQu /Thinking of buying it.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by expatinjapan, Jan 30, 2011.
  1. ExpatinJapan
    @brooko tell me/us more.
    Did you download the  equalizer app or EQu app for your itouch4G? (there are two different ones).
    How does it compare to your Cowon now that you have an eq option for the itouch?
    were you using an amp before and If so which one?
    Thanks. You are the perfect active guinea pig. cowon + itouch4G and new to head-fi. :)
  2. macrocheesium


    You didn't mention this... If you want games and Wi-Fi, just skip everything but the iPod Touch, it really comes out on top here IMO. I've said this many times before, but here it is again, "Cowon=Media, Apple=Apps". If you're like me you'll end up eventually getting both, haha.
    BTW, videos look amazing on a J3 screen, slightly better than the iPod's although the newer iPod screen is nice.
  3. Achmedisdead


    I couldn't say if it is worth amping for your 'phones, because I've never heard them. I have no LOD for the Touch either, but I don't need one....I don't own any headphones that need amping, and I'm not in the market for any.
    As far as EQ settings, it really comes down to what sounds best to you....we all have different ears and gear, so sharing EQ setups doesn't help anybody. My approach is to load up a few certain albums that I know inside and out, how they should sound....and gently tweak settings until it sounds the way it is supposed to. Then I save a setting for each headphone I own. It takes some time, but it is worth the effort....and it is a lot cheaper than buying multiple headphones/amps/DAPs in search of "synergy" between components. Only one of my sets of headphones sounds "just right" to me without any EQ settings.....but somebody else might think it needs EQ-ing!
    If you want to learn how to take fuller advantage of Equalizer (or the EQu app, for anyone else reading that is new to EQs) install foobar2000 and set it up with the spectrum display. It will show you what sounds correspond to what frequency, and you can tinker woith the foobar EQ to hear what differences can be made....after that, you will have a better knowledge base to put to use with Equalizer or EQu. I'll enclose a pic to illustrate foobar's features that I alluded to....
    See the frequency numbers across the bottom?^^^ Tweak the EQ and you will be able to see what ones equate to different sounds......the left side is the low end, the right side is the high end.
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Thanks again - I'll definitely try foobar.  My previous 'knowledge' with EQ'ing was bumping up the frequencies I wanted more prominent.  But most of the time I ended up with a real mess.  Having lurked quite a bit on these forums, I now understand a little more - and have been trying to keep things as neutral as possible - mainly marginally dropping some frequencies, and increasing as little as possible.  Have to admit - it's becoming easier the more I learn.
  5. Brooko Contributor

    Hi Expat
    I looked at both - but downloaded Equalizer.  It's really nice being able to manually tweak the touch.
    My only reason for getting the touch was that I was able to use some excess air-points instead of cash.  I love my iAudio7 to bits - but it's only 16Gb, and my FLAC collection is already well in to the 60GB range.  So basically by getting the Touch - (and converting to ALAC) I could still run lossless - and carry more music.
    I've only really got back into my music over the last 18 months.  Started with a cheap Philips player and Sony headphones.  I got serious about it 12 months ago when I bought my Shures and the iAudio7.  Unfortunately everything in NZ is horribly expensive (Audio) - so it's a hobby I have to take very slowly.  Case in point - the SRH840's I'll buy in a couple of months are $400 NZD here - but I can pick up in the US for ~ $170 USD ( = $220 NZD).  The Cowon J3 is about double the price here as well - hence my first time with an Ipod Touch.
    As far as comparison iAudio7 vs Touch - to my ears the Cowon is a lot clearer and a lot warmer.  Mind you - I'm comparing the Cowon with a very mild EQ but including some BBE etc.  It definitely helps the clarity in the vocals.  The difference now with the EQ on the Touch is that at last I have some manual control - and already I can get more sparkle into some of the tracks - and they  definitely sound better.
    I've never owned an amp/DAC - but with the money I didn't spend on the Touch - I have an option of getting something reasonably cheap like a fiio e7 + a LOD.  I'm tempted to do it - even though it's probably not needed for the HP/IEMs I intend to use - because I'd just like to see if it makes a difference.  I figured $100 USD wouldn't break the bank - and it would be nice to know.
    The biggest dilemma I have at the moment is whether to sell the Touch in NZ and get a J3 when I travel.  The advantages are:
     - I know the Cowon SQ - and the EQ is second to none IMO
     - Expandable SD slot - so getting either a 16GB player then adding a 32Gb card later gives me min 48Gb
     - They do FLAC.  I use linux at home - so then I could ditch iTunes.
    But the temptation at the moment is to keep the Touch (at least for the next year), play with the EQ in the meantime (and I think I can get it close to perfect for my listening tastes), and get the Fiio + LOD (just so I can see if it makes a difference).  The more I consider it, the more I'm inclined to hang onto it for now.  I can always get the J3 later in the year if I save my pennies.
    I'll be traveling late March - so if you are still interested in feedback in April - I can let you know how the Touch + Fiio E7 goes.
    BTW - the Equalizer app is really easy to use.  And you can get very refined settings by tapping the numbers up the top, and inputting exact details using the touch keypad - rather than using the sliders.  It really does make a difference too!
  6. ExpatinJapan
    Back to square one, torn between itouch4G and the cowon again. gaaahhh!!!
    But I am enjoying reading this thread.
  7. ExpatinJapan
    I tried an itouch 4G in store yesterday, wasn`t blown away by it, of course it didn`t have the equalizer app on it for me to try. Still considering.
    Also tried out a cowonJ3 and the warm sound was quite nice.
    Another question although it does seem a step backwards perhaps, a friend has an itouch 1G for sale cheap, I was considering buying it and putting the equalizer app on it (EQu is only for later itouch) and seeing If I can squeeze more out of it, or is the itouch1g technology just too bad and/or old. thanks.
  8. Achmedisdead

    That won't be much use. Equalizer on the older Touches only lets you adjust 3 or possibly 4 bands of EQ, not the full seven.
  9. ExpatinJapan
    yeah I just found a few threads I hadn`t seen before even with my extensive searching:) and realised that a 1st Gen would shut me out of Equalizer heaven.
    (BTW: I like to do lots of research before my purchases, so I can  buy once and be happy. Also the chase is half the fun and I learn a lot of new things along the way).
    I found this thread was very helpful after my disappointment after listening to in store itouch 4G stock yesterday.>>>
    on the cusp, the next worry is how do I disguise my latest purchase from the wife LOL.
  10. Achmedisdead

    That might be the hardest part of your research! [​IMG]
  11. ExpatinJapan


    wow, I mentioned about getting an iphone (she has one) and she said `you`d have to pay extra for the rest of your present standard cellphone contract , why don`t you get one of those, mini ipad,iphone things`,   me:`an ipod touch you mean?`,  -her:`yes`
    Win!! I struck a blow for the married head-fiers.
    So looking at ipod touch 4G again, gonna try out a friends Cowon this week, rather than untweaked display model.
    I did try out it again  yesterday (ipod touch 4g) in store this time with my ath-ESW9  and compared with my ipod 5G/ibasso. not much difference, but could be great equalized tweaked.
    one thing that has come to mind, everyone raves about the wolfson, in the 5g as oppsed to the cirrus.
    ipod touch via wikipedia says

    Wolfson MicroelectronicsWM8758BG[45] Cirrus LogicCS4398[citation needed] Cirrus Logic CS4398[46] Cirrus Logic (similar to iPhone 4)

    ......so the ipod touch 1g has the wolfson it seems?
    *But yeah equalizer apps are limited on 1g, but hmm.
  12. Achmedisdead
    I think most of the Wolfson lovers are the anti-EQ crowd....but I could be wrong.[​IMG]
  13. Br777


    agree with everything said above
    i own the 4g 64gb, and both eq apps also.
    its an excellent combo and having a line out option is also a plus with the ipod
    i have said before and will say again, i cant tell the difference between my ipod touch 4g and my clip +.... if that helps anything
    both apps are under continuous development so you can expect improvements from both.
  14. Achmedisdead
    So the apps still work even with a line-out? If so, that's very cool.
  15. Br777


    i actually dont know.  i was just assuming...  i hope so :wink:
    I wont have acess to my line out for a few weeks though...
    any reason you know of that it wouldnt?

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