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itouch 4G + EQu /Thinking of buying it.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by expatinjapan, Jan 30, 2011.
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  1. Achmedisdead


    I've read that with line-out the volume is taken out of the equation, so I wasn't sure if the same would be true of any type of EQ or not.
  2. ExpatinJapan
    I`ll download the apps today and try them on the wifes iphone 3G with line-out, for a test.
  3. ExpatinJapan
    I tried it with an iphone 3G and line-out/LOD it worked.
    Only tried Equalizer App though, (EQu doesn`t work with 3G iphone).
  4. naddy
    Do these EQ apps work with streaming audio apps such as Pandora or just your ipod library?
  5. Inks
    Just your library.
  6. ExpatinJapan
    Well I pulled the trigger and bought an ipod Touch 4G, thank you for all your help (and enabling),LOL.
    I have both EQu and equalizer apps, and an assortment of camera/photo tweaking apps etc.
    So far enjoying it, and the equalizer certainly makes it a different machine altogether.
    I will post more soon after I have spent more time with it.
  7. Achmedisdead


    Cool, I think you'll enjoy it....congrats![​IMG]
  8. Pangaea
    I haven't been that impressed with EQu.  On my 3Gs it mostly causes the tracks to skip, which I am sure is partly to blame on the older hardware- but still if you are buying an app to improve sound and it skips, what is the point.  Works better on my iPad, but overall I think I just like the sound better - out of both, untouched.
    I may use EQu in the car to get a more car-speaker friendly sound.
  9. macrocheesium
    Congrats on your decision, they are a lot of fun to play around with!
  10. Inks
    The Touch is a such a versatile player that's comparable in sound to a J3/SFlo2, Pandora and all the other apps make it a lot more fun to use than those players though.
  11. Brooko Contributor
    Nice - Expat!
    Interested to hear your impressions using a LOD and amp as well - especially if there is a lot of difference to your ears?
    I've never used an amp before - and unfortunately (with young family) don't have a high budget.  Planning to get a Fiio E7 and LOD in about 6 weeks when I am in the US next.  Seems like a good entry point - and the plus will be having the DAC function for my netbook and desktop as well.
    I know (from reading here) that I don't really need an amp either for my current Shure SE420's or my soon to be purchased SRH 840's  - but it will be interesting to see what difference there is.
    Enjoy your Touch though - I was quite skeptical at first (coming from a Cowon) - but I'm really enjoying mine now.
  12. ExpatinJapan
    yeah I bought it and later had dinner with a few friends, tried out a few Cowon player X7 (I think) and D3. I didn`t have any regrets.
    Also tried some Grados and other headphones.
    I found I could just add playlists instead of individual songs whilst playing, I had no skipping last night.
    Using the EQ apps really opened up the ipod as a player, it really does seem as though they are wasting their technology by no having an official Apple adjustable EQ.
    I really think after using my wife`s 3G iphone and yesterday my ipod touch 4G that these apps are really designed for the latest ipods/iphones to work optimally.
    Not sure if I will use my LOD/AMP with it yet, If I bump it - it pauses the song, the connector pins are fairly sensitive.
    I`ll experiment more today.
  13. ExpatinJapan
    Well it`s been over a week, very happy with my purchase.
    ipod touch 4G> LOD> ibassoT3 (gain 1 on)> ATH-ESW9/UF-10.
    I am using EQu app more, it just seems easier and i can notice my tweaks more. 
    I am hoping Equalizer app comes out with another update.
    The camera: as is known it has low pixels, but does take great cool pics with the Hipstamatic app in bright light ( a retro polaroid style photo).
    I haven`t done a comparison with my 5G ipod Video yet, but yeah loving the touch.
    Also I can watch AVI videos using another app (divx player) which is a plus.
    I am finding itunes very easy to use as well.
    *The first few days I had low battery life, but read on the internet to do a restore on itunes, then set up as a new device not using a backup. and yes, good battery life now.
    *Also read about airplane mode and turning off spotlight, and notifications etc for a longer battery life.
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