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is this senneheiser ie8 fake? please help me out guys!

  1. CraigWatson
    I would err on the side of caution and call fake, although they do look genuine to my eye. When I bought my IE8s from eBay, I insisted on having a high-resolution photo emailed to me, so I could verify.
    This was a year ago, so apologies if my memory is fuzzy, but from what I can remember, you should look for a red cable that's clearly visible through the plastic of the earbud connector (where the bud attaches to the cable). Also, check the Sennheiser logo on the buds themselves - the straight right-angle edges on the logo should be thin. If in doubt, you can try searching around for comparison photos.
    HTH :)
  2. Hahayyy
    there are super a lot of fakes on ebay mann..... haha better not to trust unless theres like super a lot of good reviews for the seller! I almost got scammed by these fakes a while back:/
  3. ej8989
    they look 100% genuine on pictures
  4. Dreamnine
    They look real but, being ebay, probably are fakes.
    I never would buy iems from ebay.
  5. fzman Contributor
    here is an excerpt of the text from his ad:

    seems like the second part kinda contradicts the first part.  
    also, the fact that there is a picture of some iems, in no way guarantees it is a photo of exactly what you will be getting.....   not unlike internet dating!!
  6. TheDeliveryMan Contributor
    Here are links to our US authorized dealers partners, as well as a list of non-authorized merchants:


    Authorized dealers have a direct relationship with Sennheiser while upholding the highest standards for product integrity in the logistics chain. At any given time, a Sennheiser representative can validate the product at its current position in the supply chain.

    Non-authorized dealers selling "legit" product have no relationship with Sennheiser. They may get their goods from a source that is questionable; perhaps they are stolen, returned, refurbished (even though they say they are new), new, old, counterfeit...we have no idea. They may not have been stored in the proper environment (were they in a truck for an entire winter with no heat?) and thus we cannot guarantee the product to perform as it would when going through the appropriate supply chain.

    If a price is "too good to be true", it generally is. Only buy from an authorized dealer in your country.

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