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Is there a newsletter or society for people who believe that headphone amplifiers are largely redundant scam products?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by ag8908, Feb 19, 2014.
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  1. ag8908
    . . . redundant scam products?
    I completely get why buying a $1,500 headphone makes things sound better.
    I understand why a better DAC makes things sound better.
    However, unless your headphone jack is unusually underpowered, you're using an electrostatic headphone, or you have suffered hearing loss, I don't see why you need an amp.
    Not looking to debate the issue. I just want to find a newsletter or society of like minded believers.
  2. NiceCans Contributor
    Lately there have been a number of articles and documentaries reporting on the amazing effects which result with the use of Placebos in treating a variety of medical conditions.
    Amazing the power of the human mind
  3. bugeyed
    You may try The Flat Earth Society. They may have an audio group.
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  4. ag8908
    Didn't the amazing Randy prove that amps were fake or something? I think I heard that in passing. :)
  5. BrownBear
    I actually came across quite a few articles on this very subject, and of course, I can't remember where I saw them at the moment. Sorry for not being much help. If I do remember, I'll be sure to post them. This is a topic very interesting to me and I like to read as much as I can.
  6. ag8908
    It was apparently over speaker wires not amps. http://www.stereophile.com/thinkpieces/021708swiftboat/ interesting read
  7. erikfreedom
    I d'ont need no amplifier at all with my hifiman he-6... heck I plug them into my ipod just fine...
  8. kramer5150
    In my rig the RCA outputs from my DAC are hotter than the headphone signal coming out of any of my amps.  So technically my amps are not amplifying anything.  They are there more for signal attenuation (given my general low volume listening), impedance matching, and of course to impose harmonic distortions and their own EQ curve.  Of course there's the psycological affects of tubes glowing in the dark.
    Lately I am been thinking about trying passive attenuation and impedance matching with transformers.  I can't imagine it being enjoyable though... but who knows until its tried.
  9. TwoEars
    I do believe that a good amp can make a difference.
    But I also believe that:
    Source-material > transducer > dac > amp > cables are the most important things and where you should spend the most time/effort.
  10. wes008
    If you're plugging your headphones into a DAP, smartphone, or laptop/computer, you're using an amplifier.  So why would you not want the amplifier to be better?  Yes, some headphones sound acceptable without a dedicated amp, but almost all I've tested have been improved with proper amplification, even from small amps.  Yeah, if your source player/source materials are crap, and your headphones don't sound good, a dedicated amp won't make a difference, but amps are still a critical part in the chain.  Remember, you're always using a headphone amp, even if you don't expect it! 
    Fun story: I plugged a pair of Grados into a DAC that had a 3.5mm output.  I'm pretty sure blood was coming out of my ears afterwards [​IMG] 
  11. syNRG
    Placebo has existed for a long time. Quite some time ago in America before the laws that dictate rights during a interogation, two officers convinced a young man that he commited murder (or some other intense crime) when he was in fact innocent. Don't worry, he was eventually cleared.
    This example isn't quite placebo, but is more one of the interesting things that can occur in our mind.
  12. Rem0o
    Aren't you the guy that double amped your laptop jack with an O2 and called it a total waste of money because the sound was the same?

    If you want, I can give you an explanation on how the audio chain works and where the amplifier sits in the chain and why it sounded the same with the O2 from an objective perspective. Because yes, amplifiers are part of the audio chain and they play a role. That's a fact. There is no belief or whatever involve in here at that point. I'm not talking about a specific amplifier with a specific price tag or topology with voodoo capabilities, but amplifiers in general. I won't get into placebo and the "jewel" amps, that's an other story.

    Now, the question is, do YOU want to learn and understand, or do you want to stay in the realm of belief and voodoo? 

    That's your call.
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  13. syNRG
    Do you mean me? I don't think so. I don't own an O2, nor would I call it a total waste of money, nor do I think that it would sound the same. I also don't own 2 amps....
    Edit: I'm considering the O2 + ODAC combo, which I expressed interest in earlier though in another forum post. Maybe you've got two things mixed up. I would also love to learn more and understand considering that I'm in the market for one, but not sure which one (amp) I should get.
  14. Rem0o
    Meant OP.
  15. syNRG
    Oops my bad. Oh yea I remember that post, I found it quite disturbing. I mean if you don't like amps, why get such demanding headphones? You for sure know that something like the HD800 will need an amp, I mean just look at the size of those earcups.
    But if you won't want that amp, I'll be happy to take it off you. Maybe save up for a speaker amp, I'm sure that something like that would change your mind about amps.
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