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Is it just my imagination...

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by steve eddy, Jun 4, 2013.
  1. Steve Eddy
    ...or did this forum recently get dropped down below the equipment forums?
    Seems a bit ironic for "Summit-Fi" to be moved to the bottom of the heap.
  2. dukeskd
    Nope, it did happen.
  3. Happy Camper
    It's a sign........

    Prophets foretold it.
  4. Sponsored pages are still at the top so all is right with HF.
  5. Steve Eddy
  6. Happy Camper
    Mountains will crumble to the sea.
  7. Currawong Contributor
    Not your imagination. The problem was tons of new members posting threads in here when they were too lazy to select the correct forum. Instead, there will be a "New Member" forum at the top, once I have a solid hour free to create it, change the welcome message and make sure I haven't broken anything. That will keep all the repetitive stuff in one place and the "Equipment" forums more focussed, especially this forum.
    The Meets' forums have been moved up too. Music will be moved up as well.
  8. Steve Eddy
    Ah, ok.
    Once you've got the New Member forum in place, can you put Summit-Fi between it and the equipment forums, i.e. New Member/Summit-Fi/Equipment?
  9. Currawong Contributor
     I can, but it'll make more work for us moving threads that shouldn't be in here. Maybe it's because I'm more practical-minded in how I think that I'm doing this. Are there many people attached to the idea of Summit-Fi being at the top (even though it makes Summit-Fi worse off)?
    The other forums that I think should move up, such as Meets (and Music and DIY, which haven't been done yet) is because I think they should get more focus than they are currently. Music especially. 
  10. reddragon
    well i would think summit fi should be at the bottom so the newcomers can easily see the new comer forum at the top and they dont post repetitive things in the wrong forum... i dont know, thats just my logic... 
  11. Cante Ista
    I get that summit fi would be at the bottom as for many it is the final frontier here at HF. I bet that for many the journey does not being here. Couple of steps down the rabbit hole, before you hear the Summit. 
  12. wink
    I think Summit-Fi should be buried down about 5 sub-menu's deep so that only us tragics will bother to come here.
  13. reddragon
    exactly my thoughts
  14. TMRaven
    It belongs in the equipment subforums.  What makes you think it belongs above it.
    I'm reading down the list of topics on 'summit-fi' right now:
    abyss planar magnetic headphones
    sennheiser hd800
    who has an end game setup?
    lcd3/hd800 amp
    fostex th900
    stax thread
    the 'new' hd800 thread
    sennheiser hdvd800
    audeze lcd3
    king sound electrostatics
    yada yada yada...
    yup, that's all equipment.
  15. rawrster
    I don't mind it being down here now instead of near the top. The way I see it it's just a bit more scrolling and also gets people to get to the other stuff before getting to this forum so makes it harder to get here..similar to how it is to reach here with your gear as well

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