Is a Hifiman HE right for me, and if so, which one?
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Apr 27, 2012
I'm looking into getting a full size pair of headphones for home use, and what I've read about the HE-400 has me leaning in their direction, however I'd like to get some advice before I make the purchase. The qualities I'm looking to maximize are soundstage, imaging, instrument separation, and clarity. I don't mind a bit of coloration, and I'm not concerned about aesthetics, isolation, or comfort. I listen to a bit of everything, and I also enjoy watching movies and playing games with headphones. At the current price of $299 USD does the HE-400 offer the best experience in these categories?
If the Hifiman HEs are what I'm looking for, is the HE-400i currently priced at $499 worth the extra $200? Is the $599 HE-500 worth the extra $300? I'm willing to pay for performance, but I'm weary of diminishing returns. 
Additionally, I've heard conflicting things about how easy it is to drive the HE-400. I use a Fiio X3 as my DAP and DAC. Will it be sufficient for the HE-400, or should I look into a headphone amp, and if so, what would you suggest. Thanks!

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