iPod Touch or Classic?
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How's the battery life on Ipod touch ? (128-320 kbps mp3)
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They are so different that you have to decide what you need. I have a Touch and several media players and they all serve different purposes. My music collection is much too large to fit on any iPod in lossless format, so I have to make choices of what I want to bring with me on any given day/week anyway.

I noticed that I use the Touch more for surfing the net than anything else. It also works as a remote control for my Roku M1000 when using slimserver software. Because of its internet access, it can control several of my Denon receiver's functions...controlling different zones, volume, etc.. I used to use a PSP for some of these features, but it was much slower than the Touch. A Laptop also works, but the Touch is easier to carry around and has a much faster boot up time.

For photos, movies, Youtube, etc.. the video screen size makes it that much better. For music, it may not be the best device, but it works for me. Yes, I wish it had a much larger hard drive, but I could say that about any model right now.
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i do not get less battery life than is advertised. i tested informally and it lasted past 22 hours but i did not care how much longer. i had used internet before and watched a few short video clips. my nano gets over 30 hours though it is rated at 24, so i would guess apple underestimated this one as well

as for cds total: do a math like this cd =700 mb and lossless will shrink cd generally to 2/3 of size sometimes less and sometimes more compression is possible.

then, take 32 gb and divide by 0.7 (referring to 700 mb) mb to get how many cd's it will fit. then divide that number by 2/3 to get the final estimate of how many lossless cd's you can fit. it should be rather substantial: somewhere around 65-80 cd's
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Originally Posted by Nightfall /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Would anyone have an idea of how many total cd's the 32gb Touch could hold using the Apple Lossless format?


Depends on the album.I'd say between 50 to 70.
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I have the 16gb touch, yes its cool and all, with apps and stuff, but, im starting to regret its low storage compacity. 16gb not enought for ALACs and other high compacity high bitrate MP3s/AAC/WAVs etc. IMO, i would go with the 160 ipod classic because of high storage compacity and long battery life. But If you want to surf web, have a sweet screen, touch is good. And they have released the 32gb touch, while very expensive, may give a little more headroom storage wise. Touch's flash memory is a very big plus for me, coming from a HDD player where albums and songs toock a second or two to load up while the touch load instanly. Not a big deal it may seem, but it creates a more flowing music experience, espically with albums where songs are sort of lined (the end note of one song begins the next etc.)
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Originally Posted by Nightfall /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Would anyone have an idea of how many total cd's the 32gb Touch could hold using the Apple Lossless format?


about 80-90 cds if the cd's are @ 550mb

Apple lossess compresses wav's by 1.6%
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Originally Posted by shigzeo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
i restored it back to original firmware and got rid of the jailbreak even though i used it multiple times per day for dictionary, thesauras, ebooks etc. i am waiting for the sdk and proper better made applications.

this touch honestly is the best portable i have used. some rockbox developers are looking at jailbreak and seeing if it can be added as an application to the touch. this year will bring quite a new face to pmp with the sdk design.

i have an idea that i may buy a few applications: specifically if they get a line in professional recording application to work for this... how excited i will be! I can imagine recording for 7 hours or so in full pcm - no more laptop line recordings unless i am mixing for a friend... but even then with the right hardware mixers ... the touch could be amazing. i cannot wait

They are bringing enterprise functions to the touch/phone when the sdk is released, so I hope they bring 802.1x support for networks!

Other than that, the jailbreak SDK is very well made, if you take a look at some sample code and play around with it.

Take MobileScrobbler for instance, connects to Last.fm and plays any music you want over wi-fi, gives you album art, current playing info such as lyrics and everything.

This even works for tracks in your itunes library. I've had a play with it but im so unfamiliar with obj-c I didn't see the point.

Love my touch, the sound is typical apple. Too neutral, and the EQ makes a big balls of everything, but still

Need to get round to making a custom EQ, keep telling myself im going to look into it. possible too.
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for audio i tested and shut it off with at least 10% battery left in the indicator which has been very accurate for me. i shut the unit off after 26 hours. i am quite sure the ipod touch is good for up to 28 hours or so. very very good. video, who knows.
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It is great to have so many choices... iPod Touch, Classic with a larger hard drive than my tablet pc or iPhone...

I am thinking that the Touch will allow me to watch movies on flights so that is in the front running currently.

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