iPod Touch or Classic?
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i do not own the classic but own the touch and the nano 3g. both players are wonderful and the nano hisses only the very smallest bit. the touch however at 16 or 8 or now 32 gb seems overkill for someone like me.

i never jumped on the hd wagon, i always went with md or flash. so, having all my music with me at once has never even crossed my mind. rather, i become very familiar with the music i have as i am always listeing to similar albums. i ended up selling cd that i no longer listen to as basically i bought them in order to fill a gap.

very happy to have the touch. it does everything. i was listening to geldern and reading a book on the same machine. i cannot imagine a better platform for doing what i like at the same time.
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Originally Posted by DominicKarma /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I had the touch... after the novelty wore off I sold it and bought a classic... I needed the capacity. I like being able to choose any one of my albums whenever I want - no limits.

Ditto, Plus I couldn't stand the hiss and distortion with my e500's.
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I was in a similar dilemma recently.

As sexy and cool as the touch is, I ultimately decided that it is just about useless to me with such a limited amount of storage space (I currently need/want at least 160GB of storage). I simply can't be bothered with deciding what videos/pictures/music I want to listen to the next day, night after night - I want to carry all of my media with me at all times. So that left me with the 160gb classic... until I discovered the Archos 605. The 605 has the storage capacity of the classic, and can do just about everything the touch can do (and in some cases, do it even better than the touch). Granted, the interface of the 605 isn't anywhere near as sexy as the touch interface, and also cannot be hacked like the touch, nor is it as small. But considering the fact that the touch costs the same as the 605, it was a no brainer for me.

If you want an ultra portable swiss army type of gadget with a very sexy/trendy interface, but with a (relatively small) amount of storage space, then the touch is probably for you.

If you want to stick with the iPod brand, and you are mainly concerned with music playback but need a large amount of storage space, then the 160gb classic is probably for you.

If you want the best of both worlds, albeit in a slightly larger package, and "not-as-sexy" interface, then you may want to consider the Archos 605.

As for me, I will likely stick with the Archos brand PMPs until the touch is available in a large storage capacity (160gb or more). Once the touch is available in those larger capacities, I will most definitely hop back on the iPod band wagon. My "guesstimate" is that that will likely not happen for a couple of years. At least the 32gb touch is a step in the right direction.
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you guys are killing me.
Everyone says the touch's sq sucks but I'm skeptical that it might mostly be just the headphone jack (i7 interface sucks too though).

I thought I could use an i7/classic until there's cheaper and better touch's but I'm sure the only thing that'll upgrade is capacity for price (plus street price is already $50 off so I wouldn't even save much then).
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I'm a bit tired of non-touch users claiming that one of the primary reasons for purchasing one is that it's sexy or trendy. That's fairly insulting to touch users, and puts the touch in a pretty bad light. While I appreciate good design, these aspects have nothing to do with my purchase, and I sure has heck won't be showing it off to anyone.

I bought and use my touch as an internet-capable PDA with media playing capabilities. Its size (allowing me to keep it in a belt holster, which I consider fairly important for a portable device), ability to be customized heavily via Jailbreak, great organizational capabilities (not requiring the use of a stylus), and convenient wireless internet access are what sold me. I ended up choosing the 8GB version when I was fully able to purchase the 16GB, as the media playing capabilities were secondary to how useful the rest of it is.

I place my touch in the useful gadget category, not the full-fledged DAP one. That way, when the time comes that I see a great sounding, decent screened, high-capacity DAP on the market (that, again, fits in a reasonable belt holster), I'll still be able to keep the touch as a separate non-media device. Just because the touch can do media fairly well doesn't mean that it has to stay your primary player; treat it like a great PDA, buy a better DAP for media use, and be happy. That's what I'm going to do.
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the touch is indeed a very good sq player. if you get buzzing and distortion, it is likely you are applying eq. other players filter eq so that they do not distort. apple take a more neutral approach: filter little and let the gain distort if it is high. just like a home fi, you don't apply eq liberally, you do it with bits of gain checked down.

you can do this is with itunes as well or use replyagain or something. the touch is phenomenal for sq considering what it has inside. there would be few players on the market that would show it up sq wise entirely. some might trump it for lower hiss: read (very few), and some might have a better head out (read even fewer) but it performs admirablly at the average of the pack along with creative, cowon and iriver: all our favs.
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Originally Posted by Trastan /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I bought and use my touch as an internet-capable PDA ...

I'm currently using a Palm as a PDA, I mainly use the calendar and to do lists. what do I loose/gain moving to the iTouch?
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unfortunately, you will lose the point and click feel of the interface. the stylus has a few advantages, but the touch is wonderful for typing. you can use it if wifi is available as a location device. it does internet readio, last fm, dictionaries, portable books, flashcards etc.

but... it is a wonderful movie player as well as a wonderful music player. i should not say as well as those are th reasons it was debuted. it has a very strong bass repdruction output though not a dual push/pull like the old shuffle. it is very good and has wonderful ability to use the line out from any lod for ipod. that makes the output as strong as your amp.

i am not sure however that the battery would last as long doing pda stuff as the palm player. for me, it is the most revolutionary piece of hardware i have every bought. if there was more open wireless, i can imagine not taking computer for a majority of applications. amazing.
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I was thinking along the lines of the applications, setting appointments, reminders, to do lists. I played with one a friend had but it never occured to me to try the PDA aspects of it. I liked the interface. Lack of capacity and SQ through Headphone would be a problem for me. I think. Currently my fav player is a 1st Shuffle with CX300's and I'd like to get close to that. But I'd like to carry more music with me.
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mate, if the 1g shuffle is your benchmark for audio from the headphone with phones like the hard to drive 16ohm senn cx300, you will not find many players that will satisfy your craving. in fact, you will only find audio only players such as sony 600 and 800 series and the new sansa express and clip. even of those, only the sony offer almost exact sq to the shuffle as the sansa share a similar chipset but have harder time playing back mp3 in good quality.

take a look at dftk's findings on portables from the headphone output, especially the vibes section that is 16ohm series headphone. not a single player that is known for 'sq' can play back bass and sometimes even treble with 16ohm phones. i have had the sony, the d2, the touch, the nano and the sony squashes them for bass but the others squash the sony for hiss. the touch hisses the most of those (d2, nano and touch) but hisses much less than about any other portable i have heard in the last few years (flash).

the d2 (regarded by many bandwagoners here at headfi) is regarded very highly but you can see it has severe bass problems with ohm 16 phones.

at least with the ipod, you can use an lod if you want. but, i have the denon c700 and they too are hard to drive for portables but still sound phenomenal from my touch.
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Originally Posted by Trastan /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm a bit tired of non-touch users claiming that one of the primary reasons for purchasing one is that it's sexy or trendy. That's fairly insulting to touch users, and puts the touch in a pretty bad light. While I appreciate good design, these aspects have nothing to do with my purchase, and I sure has heck won't be showing it off to anyone.

Ditto, take it from people who have both
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That's odd...

I complement the iTouch interface, and it is taken as some sort of an insult.

Is it opposite day? LOL

*checks the calendar* Nope, it's not opposite day!

If the iTouch came in large capacities, it would definitely be my PMP of choice. It has a beutiful, efficient and intuitive interface. And it is highly hackable, which is a huge plus for me.

And for the record, when I use adjectives such as beutiful, sexy, trendy, efficient, intuitive etc. they are meant as compliments - at least they are on the planet I'm from.
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I just came back from Futureshop, where I played with both the Touch and the Classic. I was pretty impressed with the Touch's UI... it was super smooth and responsive. I obviously didn't have much time to try everything out, and I would like to see how it responds when it has more than 20 albums on it, but so far, I liked it. The only thing I couldn't try out was Safari and YouTube because I couldn't get a decent Wi-Fi signal in the store.

The Classic's interface was pretty cool, if less responsive. CoverFlow worked decently, and I like the new split screen mode better than the UI on my current iPod. I dunno... I walked out of there wanting both!

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