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iPhone 6s Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Sep 15, 2015.
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  1. civilaudio
    I read the gsmarena review. They basically concluded that 6s sound quality is almost identical with 6. I did not see any comparison between 6 and 6s in term of this "problem". Was the sound ok on the 6?. I tried to replicate the issues with my headphones (Shure 535 and ATH50), did not find any issue.
  2. elfary

    Background noises only have been detected on 6s/6s Plus.

    My iPhone 6 drives like a champ both my Shure SE535 and Westone UM PRO 50 with a pitch black background.

    If the tonality it's not right, then nothing else really matters.
  3. bcstyle
    I was really looking to get the iPhone 6s but this problem is stopping me. I'm quite anal with buzzing/hissing/white noises, I may have to stick with my S6 edge after all...
  4. shotgunshane Contributor
    Picked up a 6S+ Friday. I do not hear any static or noise with the UERM and piano music while web surfing, using app switcher and various other things. Hopefully issues are few and far between for most.

    I'll agree with something said earlier- compared to the 5S, the 6S+ has noticeably better depth but then isn't as wide sounding or as up front as the 5S. Not better, not worse, just different.
  5. kevms89
    I have been using the 6 plus with my sony xb90's for the past year, today I got the 6S Plus and....woah! The sub bass got even DEEPER with this phone, sounds really damn awesome, not better, just different.
  6. kevms89
    Ok guys, I am not as technically savy as you guys but all I know is the bass just got amazing on the xb90's with this phone!
  7. a_recording
    So just to add a little more information in light of other reported differences between the TSMC and Samsung chipped iPhone 6S, my unit is reported as a N71AP in the 'Lirum Device Info Lite' app suggested in the Engadget article. This means it's the Samsung chip. Don't know if this might be a factor in the headphone noise. Haven't heard back from Apple yet.
  8. LouisArmstrong
    I am using a TSMC unit and the headphone output is black silence when no music is playing. Maybe it has to do with the IEMs I am using though (Kaiser 10 and JH Audio Layla).
  9. clee290
    TSMC here as well.
  10. dagraham
    So, today I tested an iphone 6s and 6s+ in the Apple store UK.

    I was only in there for a limited time, but I didn't hear any buzzing etc when opening apps. However I most certainly did hear background hiss/static etc with music on iTunes.

    The thing is though it wasn't consistent. For instance, on Dark side of the moon I could hear it quite distractingly, but on The Wall virtually nothing. Even within a classical compilation playing two different piano tracks one displayed far more background noise than the other.

    I'm using Fischer DBA 02 mkii headphones which are quite sensitive so maybe the combination of bad shielding etc and sensitive headphones are just bringing out any degradation in the recording.

    The other thing was I left the store and immediately switched back to my HTC One M7, played the same tracks and low and behold I also heard plenty of background noise. Maybe not quite as much, but I surprised myself because I'd obviously just got used to it. It did remind me though that when I switched from my 4s to the HTC I was initially disappointed as my 4s was absolutely clean as a whistle.

    I guess subjective testing just introduces bias and it's easier to notice something if you are looking out for it. No doubt though that the 4s was crystal clear.

    My missus has the iPhone 6 so I'll have a listen and see if I can pick up the same background noise that I could hear on the 6s.
  11. cattlethief
    Recently picked up the ipod touch 6 has anyone compared the 6 6s to the touch.cheers.
  12. TheTodd
    I’ve had my 6S + for a little more than a week now and I haven't heard any hissing or white noise at all even when scrolling through apps.  only time I hear any hissing is when I’m streaming Spotify or anything for that matter, I still have to turn my LTE off then it’s perfectly fine.  With that being said I haven't listened to it straight through the phone yet. I’m going through my Project Ember amp but i'd still think I would hear something especially since any interference would just be amplified. I’ve also got some pretty sensitive headphones (Fostex TH900)  and I’m quite certain they would pick it up too.

    As far as sound goes, coming from my 5S I think this has more low end (bass) and I think the treble is more defined. This is more comparable to my Fiio X3 2nd gen IMO. :)
  13. barbes
    My 6s is dead quiet with my MG6PROs, and while not as good as my Touch/HA2 stack, is embarrassingly close. Very impressed.
  14. VeXun
    My 64GB Space gray 6s+ has been silent and sounds clean no hiss or anything with the following headphones:

    TDK BA200, etymotic research hf5 and ER4S, Yamaha eph-100, Vsonic gr07 Classic, Harmon kardon NA and my sennheiset HD598.

    This is the best phone I've ever owned in every way.. Battery is also better for me over my 6+
  15. vwinter
    I have a N71mAP, or TSMC model, and I can hear it clearly with certain earphones (Heaven V), and can't at all (Rockets) or virtually can't with others (UERM). All this in a quiet room. I doubt I would hear it outside or even likely with the AC on in the same room with the UERM, for example. I can hear it when using the app switcher outside when no music is playing with the UERM. It's like a low pitched poppy rumble =/
    I think I could pick it up with the Heaven V in a much noiser environment.

    TheTodd it's not so much a hiss or static-like noise, at least in what i hear and as recorded by a_rec as literally a what sounds like EMI interference, a non-consistent buzz when actions are taken in the interface. Not when music is just playing and you don't do anything.

    Generally, The odds of hearing this at an Apple Store unless you have seriously sensitive earphones is pretty low. It's also not very dependent on volume level in my experience, which makes sense to me given the hypotheses so far.
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