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iPad iPhone bit-perfect DLNA/UPnP wi-fi streaming 24bit or DSD files / high storage capacity / portability

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by thraex, Sep 1, 2012.
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  1. Thraex
    I deny myself...just tested Glider Music Player and it's not up to 8player features and performance.
    1) All albums are displayed in just one directory: you can browse by genere but you'll end the same with all albums in one directory, even ordered by artist doesn't change they're all displayed at once. It's not practical for big libraries like mine. With 8player you can browse by genere/artist/album and each passage has its own subdirectory, much easier.
    2) Loading time are slower than 8player, album arts take longer to show and often freeze app for seconds before be able to do anything. With 8player you can do anything even if some cover arts are not already loaded.
    3) Album art cover is so big that I can display just 8 albums each page. Considering they're all in one directory it's a pain to browse music.
    4) FLACs are not playable at all...

    8player still my preferred by large margin.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2017
  2. smaragd
    The developer of Glider is very responsive, you may want to get in touch with him @joe28 and participate in beta testing with all your suggestions.
    I have a library of only Flac and DSD files. DSD is not yet supported but have no issues playing Flac, even hires Flac.
  3. bjast

    Thanks Thraex for trying the apps I mentioned above.

    While I respectfully disagree with some of your conclusions - and I have used these apps for over a year - I do have a question about 8Player.

    I may be doing something wrong, but 8Player does a very poor job of displaying Album Artwork. It's highly pixelated. And all of my album art is top quality jpeg.

    Any suggestions or is this just the norm for 8Player?

    I'm using it on an iPhone 7 Plus with the latest version of iOS 11.

  4. bjast
    Hello Smaragd

    Thanks for your suggestion about Glider.

    I downloaded it today, and found it very responsive.

    However I was not able to get it to play FLAC tracks it found on my QNAP NAS running MinimServer. It finds them just fine, and pushes them to my Moon Mind and on to my stereo, but will not play them on my iPhone 7 running the latest version of iOS 11. Any suggestions?

    Are you installing FLAC files onto Glider through iTunes?

  5. Thraex
    You're welcome bjast.
    If you share details why you disagree with some of my conclusions we could dig deeper why we have different results with your proposed apps.

    Album Artwork/Cover Art is another tricky task to implement righ: server software or app used could manage differently the image type to be displayed and the supported resolution.

    The only way to be sure any server software or app could read Album Artwork/Cover Art is to add inside each folder or sub-folder (which contains all the tracks of an album) a not too high resolution picture named exactly 'Folder.jpg'.
    The name should be with capital 'F' then all minuscule including '.jpg'. For example 'folder.JPG' isn't always loaded by server software or app.
    Since the filename' Folder.jpg' will be the same for any Album Artwork/Cover Art, means you must organize your albums in sub-folders to prevent confusion.

    A little corrupted picture or a strange resolution format maybe could be readed in Windows but not in server or app since they intrinsically specify the type of format to read and its supported resolutions.
    Just lower the resolution or resave the picture with a little change could format again the file and make it readable by server or app.
    A few server software, while scanning and indexing the library, could even add on their ownn a subfolder containing a reduced resolution picture to make it compatible with their management of images.

    If you have the picture both inside the folder (named Folder.jpg) and embedded inside the file, it could conflict with each other especially if they've different resolution.
    Generally however 'Folder.jpg' has a priority.

    Each metadata editing software store the image inside the file in a particular way or location, check if the metadata type used is a common standard and compatible with server software and app used.

    It'll always be more fast to load a single lower resolution image (Folder.jpg) for all the tracks of an album instead of adding high-res Album Artwork/Cover Art embedded in each file metadata (bigger files to stream and more space required for music library).

    The last suggestion if everything above fails is to try to remove Album Artwork/Cover Art embedded in any file and leave only the 'Folder.jpg' inside the album sub-folder.

    With the precautions above I haven't had any more problems with Album Artwork/Cover Art.
    Using 8player and my iPad I have good resolutions and no need to go more than 800x800 or 1000x1000 pixels for any Folder.jpg.
    Can't comment on how good they're on big TVs screens since it's not the target of this thread or my interest.

    PS. Just added DLNA/UPnP to the thread title to specify it's dedicated exclusively to wi-fi streaming and not music files stored inside Apple devices.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2017
  6. smaragd
    iTunes doesn't support FLAC files... I'm using iMazing (mac/pc) to transfer FLAC files to my iPhone.
    I haven't tried but you should be able to use iMazing to push them in your iPhone's media library ... keep in mind iTunes and the built-in player app cannot play FLAC files.
    The Glider app uses the DLNA protocol to stream from a media server to the media renderer...
    if you want the files to play on the iPhone you should select the iPhone as renderer from the bottom dropdown menu with the airplay icon.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
  7. EzequielFriscia
    Guys, before I make the purchase, is there any other alternative for 8player in iPad in landscape mode? Or is it stil the only one? I could not find other.
  8. ghualmr
    Piggy back on an older thread - trying to figure out how I can use my newer iPhone and iPad to stream music - Amazon Music HD and Apple Music. I have an external DAC (benchmark DAC1) which does not have USB. How do I connect my iPad to Benchmark using SPDIF? Also does iPad Pro stream 24/192? Thanks.
  9. grokit
    There's plenty of great usb to spdif converters out there.
    Here's one by Schiit. It has a good reputation.
    I've used Music Fidelity's V192, it's a good solution as well.
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