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iPad iPhone bit-perfect DLNA/UPnP wi-fi streaming 24bit or DSD files / high storage capacity / portability

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by thraex, Sep 1, 2012.
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  1. Den Watsons
    Have you tried MyAudioStream application it supports FLAC and is DLNA compatible, as for me much better than 8player, also stream to me is a good one.
  2. rickyleelee
    you can use, onkyo, hibiki, kaisertone, anything but damm itunes! I use iphone + my portable dac and have pcm and dsd on there.
  3. timb5881
    Just remember the topic is streaming dsd to your Idevices. Yes if you have a lot of storage capacity, you can have the dsd files on the iPhone or iPad, then sure load them up and there are several apps that decode dsd. Streaming simply is freeing up the space on the Idevices. Using iTunes is in many ways the simplest way to stream ( native and all that), but their are several other ways to do it. Since I already have iTunes on the computer and phone it's just a bit easier. Tricking iTunes into streaming dsd is a bit tricky. As several have pointed out packing the dsd files into a DoP ALAC files is easy enough.
  4. saintintn
    I've never found a good way to stream DSD files to my iphone even on my home network with 1GB/sec speed. Files are just too big. I use XLD to convert them to flac or alac at 24/96 and I can't hear a discernible difference.

    For comparison, I've even had Plex direct stream my ALAC files on same network and they still have buffering issues. It's frustrating.

    I travel a lot and hotel wifi is the bane of my existence. It forces me to put my files on large sd cards to play through my MacBook. Just the realities of network streaming.
  5. Thraex
    Of course it's possible to stream those big DSD files to iPhone/iPad without buffering issues!
    It can be done in the home network and even on the go using portable battery powered wi-fi server devices (Seagate Wireless Plus or LaCie Fuel for example).
    If you can't, there's something wrong in your setup: hardware or software.
    Any piece of the chain must be choosen and set-up properly or you'll not succeed, that's why I've started this thread, it's not so simple!
    You need to check how it's done from my first post of page 1, but my system is Windows, so you need to find alternative hardware and software for MAC following the same rules.
    A first suggestion is to understand what is DoPE (DSD over PCM Ethernet) and DoP ALAC (DSD over PCM ALAC).
    As a side note I've discovered that it's easier to stream big DSD files (lasting 10min or more) than converting those to PCM, with the latter wi-fi could be overtaxed with buffering issues.
  6. arslanbaig
    I have used many media players but not satisfied with their performance except one. I have tried a media player and found named PlayerXtreme (http://playerxtreme.com) the app very amazing. It gives the best experience of watching movies and videos anywhere in any format. You can also cast your favorite videos and live streaming on your television screens through its chrome cast and airplay feature. It gives a Smooth HD 1080p playback and boosts volume up to three times the original sound without compromising the sound quality. In my opinion, PlayerXtreme is one of the best media player app in both iOS and Android. This app also allows me to hide folders and activate guest mode so that the guest user can't see the hidden folder and files in it. It is available for both iOS and Android users. Give it a shot!
  7. Chemi
    I read the thread, but perhaps I ´ve forgotten what I saw... scuse-me!

    I use ipad mini 4 with iDSD micro (and iTube micro plus iCanSE micro at home).

    I was calling after helping for the lightning-usb Apple cable is so small and not fiable...
    But I tried the iFi audio cable otg (the blue one, for who knows it) and connect it to the Apple usb/ lightning cable.
    And it works!
    It's great because it's not too long...

    I download directly dsd files with downloader HD, which sends them to the lector...
    But I use the Verbatim MediaShare wireless with Cards for keeping space on the ipad. I can open the files with the lector of dsd files...

    Thanks for helping...
  8. mcgsxr
    For iPad 2 and LMS
    IPeng with replay purchased
    Wifi streaming
    iFI IDSD Nano via CCK

    I will still be limited to 24/96 these days?

    Not looking to do DSD, but have files in 24/176 and 24/192 I would be interested to play on the iFi device.

    FLAC on server in wifi environment.
  9. Thraex
    I've just updated the first post to simplify a few things.
    Generally the guide needs a bit more update, but it's still useful for the beginners to understand why some DACs or software won't work regardless of settings and to stream DSD to iOS.
  10. Thraex

    I don't use iPeng anymore, but you could check it easily since FLAC will work with LMS/iPeng.
    If not for higher than 24/96 you could try to convert those FLAC to ALAC first or use a DLNA/UPnP server on-the-fly conversion to be iOS compatible.
    Let me know so I can update the guide accordigly your results.
  11. memo.alive
    Hi, I've been discovering the entry level audiophile world, right now I haven't gotten my new headphones and the needed DAC for my iphone but I'd like to know which streaming app is good for DLNA streamed Hi-Res FLAC (up to 24/96 in my case). I've been using C5- Streaming but I've read about the Onkyo HF, Kaisertone, 8Player, etc, but so far, for starters Onkyo I'd have to purchase an HD player pack, so, any good app for streaming with DLNA server over WiFi that is free?
  12. Thraex
    As stated more than once there's not a free DLNA app which can do a 'good' job with bit-perfect streaming over wi-fi, even spend cash to have a 'good' app is a tricky task.
    Most are limited in features (i.e. metadata not readed fully to ease browsing means thousands of tracks together in a single directory) or/and downconvert any data to 16bit/44.1Khz before feeding the DAC to play files (no more HD resolution).
    I've spent a lot of money and time to test dozens of apps which are not 'good' enough.

    My safe recommendation as always is 8player: I doubt you'll find a better one, if you do just inform us!
    You could test the free 8player 'lite' version before purchase, it limits the number of songs playable in each album, but you can check if it has all the features you want.
    To save your time I can confirm it's bit-perfect and reads all metadata on files.

    Remember FLAC isn't supported natively by Apple (even if they lately list it for iOS 11 and iPhone X) or by wi-fi portable DLNA server devices which software/firmware target native Apple formats.
    To avoid problems convert your library in ALAC so you can go up to 24/192 or DSD in DoP (DSD over PCM) format.
    Even 8player is not safe to play FLACs, it can do it but at which resolution is still under examination since its frequency detection is erratic (however most other apps don't play FLACs at all...).

    For further details read the first post, if you don't understand problems to consider for bit-perfect streaming or spend some time to implement it, it's better to forget the whole HD thing.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
  13. bjast

    Hello Thraex

    Thanks for sharing your insights about iOS audio apps.

    I'm curious if you have tried KaiserTone, Creation 5, or NePlayer.

    All of which have worked very well for me?

    If you have could you share your observations with us?

    Bill J.
  14. Thraex
    This will be the last apps I'll test, I'm a little bored to try any app since as stated countless of times most don't even reach the basic targets we're here for.

    First KaiserTone and NePlayer are not even listed as DLNA app, so they're useless for this thread target, but since NePlayer lite is free I've give it a go and it's not even close to what we need here, I wasn't able to find my library on local wi-fi...
    Creation 5 do something right like metadata reading and bit-perfect streaming, but its UI is not easy to manage and FLACs are even more erratic that 8player, more details:
    1) every time you select a song you need to select what to do with it, if you choose play it'll add to playlist but don't play next song automatically, you need to select the whole album which adds all the songs to the playlist. This method is less easier than just tap a song to play and let the app play next automatically.
    2) If you browse for example by genere/artist/album and start to play an album then to search a new album you need to start all over again instead of just going back a page and select a new genere/album/artist already listed.
    3) FLACs are really funny here, not only frequency isn't detected but they can even play accellerated!
    4) General interface to mimic 'vinyl' takes too much space for browsing clearly through music.

    Another DLNA app that I've tried lately is 'mconnect': it can't reads all metadata, just all songs in a single directory...

    So I'll stop to search a better app than 8player or if you find one just post your new suggested app only after you've tested on your own or understand what are the targets of this thread.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2017
  15. smaragd
    you should try Glider.... I like it more than 8player...
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