Ipad app to wirelessly remote control iPhone playing music?
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Feb 2, 2014
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I have decided that I need a wireless remote control that displays music (covers, songs, playlists) as well as providing tape transport operations (pause, skip, repeat, volume).

My music player is my iPhone, hooked digitally via its port to my DAC. My remote of choice is... my iPad.

Anyone know of an iPhone (or iPad, or iOS) app that will allow me to use my WiFi (or Bluetooth, if necessary) connection to control iTunes (or some other player, e.g. Tidal or the Denon hi-res music app) on my iPhone music player?

Things I've tried that don't work:

* Various iPhone apps allowing you to control iTunes remotely - iTunes, with your iTunes library, runs on my desktop PC that is nowhere near my music setup... I don't want to control iTunes, but I want to control an iPhone running iTunes or Apple Music

* The app Tunes Remote - just plain does not do anything - it seems to allow you to set up one device as "host" with the music and another as a remote, but I don't see any way to actually put the music into this new library... I just want to access my music library the same way iTunes does (preferably using iTunes player)

* The app Waveit - mentioned in a YouTube video of a few years ago, it is no longer in the app store.

Thanks for any help!

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