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Mar 17, 2008
New V-MODA logo and tagline

The new visual identity reflects V-MODA's growth by drawing on its classic heritage hexagon and its fellow brand family members' logos

Los Angeles, CA, January 11, 2021 – V-MODA, the award-winning manufacturer of the world’s finest high-fidelity audio devices, announces its new brand identity alongside the debut of a new product. The rebrand includes a redesigned logo, a refreshed website and a brand-new tagline to better align with V-MODA’s goal of delivering new and innovative audio products while empowering its customers to fully express themselves creatively.

Entering its third year as a fully-fledged member of the Roland family of brands, V-MODA’s new visual identity reflects both its illustrious past and its promising future, incorporating familiar forms with sleek modern lines to demonstrate the brand’s growth and new developmental direction. The new brand logo takes inspiration from the classic heritage hexagon, a recurring form in V-MODA’s industrial design, while the clean, minimalist lines draw on the logos of its fellow brand family members, BOSS and Roland.

“Roland’s mission of bringing ‘waku waku’ or “thrill and excitement” to creative experiences inspired us to update our brand identity to better reflect V-MODA’s new direction, which includes entering a brand new market segment - active noise cancelling,” said Yoshitaka Shibata, V-MODA General Manager. “Our new logo and tagline embody both our commitment to our growing customer base while staying true to our mission to deliver the best headphones in the most stylish design.”
Red, V-MODA’s new brand accent color, symbolizes passion, courage, and dynamism, reflecting the brand’s dedication to innovation and boldly redefining their category.

In addition to debuting a new logo, the brand has also introduced a new tagline: “Stylish Sound, Your Way.” It is an ode to the ever-expanding customization possibilities V-MODA offers its customers and a reinforcement of its brand pillars of dedication to sound, design, and fashion.

For the full press kit, including hi-res versions of the logo, click here.


About V-MODA

Designed in Milan, engineered in Japan and made to create, V-MODA is the music lifestyle brand where state-of-the-art tech meets stylish design. Founded in 2004, V-MODA has won multiple accolades for products that have become best-selling fan favorites and are considered essential gear by top performing artists from a variety of genres. V-MODA joined forces with Roland of Japan on 808 (August 8, 2016), to redefine and develop the next breakthrough in design-centric music products, with the partnership progressing in 2019 to fully incorporate V-MODA into the Roland family and facilitate a greater vision for the growth of both brands. Crafting with a “creators first” approach, Roland and V-MODA create high-quality audio products made for sound as both the artists and audio engineers intended. Visit follow us on Facebook, on Twitter (@VMODA) and on Instagram (@VMODA).
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  1. Why did V-MODA embark on a rebrand?

    As soon as V-MODA was partially acquired by Roland in 2016 and then became a fully-fledged member of the Roland family of brands in 2019, we started to feel like we were moving in a slightly different direction in comparison to the “old” V-MODA.

    Internally, V-MODA has changed drastically in these last few years, from our corporate structure right down to our R&D and production. While we cherish the history of the V-MODA brand, our mission is to usher in the future of music through daring innovation, cutting-edge design, and putting our customer’s experience first. To keep in line with our mission, it only felt right to apply the natural evolution we were experiencing internally to our visual identity, introducing a “new” V-MODA with the same substance but a fresh new look.

  2. What problem is V-MODA attempting to solve with the rebrand?

    There was still a clear link with the old V-MODA leftover that didn’t resonate with our current communication style and the more modern way we express our brand mission and values.

    The rebrand is a purely aesthetic process, helping us to better communicate our place in the ever-evolving world of music; our spirit, attitude and dedication to our customers and the wider V-MODA family who have been with us since our founding in 2004 remains unchanged.

    In 2021, we will enter two new market segments for the brand, active noise cancelling and true wireless, and we wanted to do so with an updated brand image which would better reflect V-MODA’s new direction.

  3. Has there been a change in the competitive landscape that is impacting V-MODA’s growth potential?

    Yes, there’s been a positive change. The headphone market is probably the healthiest category in the consumer electronics space and we see great potential for the acquisition of more of the market share by expanding into these two new segments.

    People’s lifestyles have changed dramatically in the past few years and the pandemic has contributed to a sudden shift in the way we live and the way (and what) we buy. Everyone needs a new or better solution for listening to music, business conferencing, connecting online and in-game chatting. Luckily, V-MODA has all the solutions to support these new lifestyles and is going to add even more in 2021.

    From a competitive landscape standpoint, V-MODA has strong advantages. Since headphones have become a “must have” accessory, people are now looking for solutions to differentiate themselves and their style from the “run of the mill” headphones. We believe that our signature sound and the customization capabilities give us the edge in appealing to those who are looking to be different.

  4. Has V-MODA’s customer profile changed?

    Yes, no, and then yes again.

    Why yes? After we joined the Roland family of brands, we naturally started to receive more attention from musicians, as you can imagine. Our M-200 has been a great response to this attention and we are happy about the immensely positive reaction it received from the market, especially from recording musicians and producers. For us, this demonstrated the strong existing demand among musicians for even better ways to capture their own sound (and look good doing it!).

    Why no? Because we still have a very strong presence in the DJ field which has been our fundamental base for many years. We never left these important customers, we do not plan to, and we will always be there for them.

    Why “and then yes again”? The third V-MODA customer profile is the “pro-sumer”, the general consumer looking for better quality (sound-wise, style-wise or technology-wise) in the gadgets they choose compared to the standard, potentially more boring options. Our Crossfade Series is the epitome of that and we’re looking forward to pleasing even more “pro-sumers” and style-conscious customers with our new releases in 2021.

    What unites all V-MODA customers is their desire to stand out from the crowd, express themselves and feel different and unique instead of being “another brick in the wall”. V-MODA offers the canvas to do just that, with a recognizable, award-winning sound signature, iconic and informed design and the possibility to customize headphones to any customer’s liking.

  5. Has V-MODA’s company mission or philosophy changed?

    Our initial mission, which was to “deliver the best headphones in the most stylish design,” has not necessarily changed, but it has expanded. Since joining the Roland group, their own mission of bringing “waku waku” (or “thrill and excitement”) to creative experiences has inspired the amplification of our own to include an even broader audience and reflect on the true heart of what we set out to do, which is to empower our community to express themselves to the full creatively. Our premium headphones are simply a vehicle for that; you can use them to perfect your craft, customize their look and, with our new releases, even customize how they sound.

    We continue to stay true to our brand pillars of dedication to sound, design and fashion to deliver this mission to our fans, now even more deeply and intensely with the power and expertise of Roland behind us.

  6. What does V-MODA want to convey with the rebrand? To whom?

    “Popular” and “underground” are two sides of a coin. Our goal is to remain a niche brand in the way we influence the music culture and its lifestyle, while extending our reach to a broader, more general audience who has perhaps always had an interest in our offering but didn’t know how to find us.

  7. Are there any particular adjectives V-MODA would like people to associate with the new brand?

    The brand’s new tagline “Stylish sound, your way” should explain V-MODA’s brand philosophy and ethos. We make premium headphones with an impeccably informed design and expertly tuned sound signatures; our customers make them theirs through our ever-expanding customization possibilities.

  8. What does this rebrand mean for customers? Is anything changing for them?

    We would describe it as less of a change and more of an evolution of the V-MODA customer experience, which, as everything should be, is a constant work in progress and will keep evolving as we grow. Branding isn’t about the products. Instead, it’s about the customer experience. If we look at the relationship with our customers from this point of view, we are reviewing everything, starting from our communications and customer service.

    On a practical level, nothing will change for our customers: they will still receive the same level of excellent support and service that they have come to expect of V-MODA over the years.

  9. Who handled the rebrand? Third-party agency or internal?

    The process has been managed 100% internally, involving teams which intimately know the history of the brand, where we’re headed and our customers best to produce a result which truly reflects V-MODA’s past, present and future.

  10. What does this rebrand say about the direction V-MODA is headed? Where does V-MODA see itself in 10 years?

    It represents our commitment to our wider mission, innovative new products and, most importantly, our growing customer base. Instead of being a part of the Roland group with a completely different character, we are now establishing a brand-new V-MODA brand, framed within the Roland passion but with its own unique brand mission and values. “V-MODA will pave its own way as an established brand” is the statement we’d like to communicate with the rebrand, and we hope that people will understand and feel our passion through this change and our new products.
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