1. V-MODA

    V-MODA Hardware Review Program

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, Head-Fiers! It’s been just over a month since we reconnected with the community as a sponsor and since then we’ve already gained valuable insights and feedback, heard and answered many questions, and loved reading all the wonderful things you’ve had to say about...
  2. V-MODA

    V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Master: Official Impressions & Reviews Thread

    Hey everyone, hope you’re all well! We’re back and ready to chat about another of our over-ear releases, the Crossfade M-100 Master. Some long-time Head-Fiers will remember how your feedback contributed way back when to the crowdsourced sensation that are the Crossfade M-100s. As we approached...
  3. V-MODA

    V-MODA M-200: Official Impressions & Reviews Thread

    Since our inception in 2004, V-MODA has been committed to developing and delivering high-end, high resolution audio experiences through headphones in our own unique style. Often, that means experimenting with new hardware and methodologies to integrate with our engineering and design practices...
  4. V-MODA

    V-MODA Reconnects with Head-Fi as a Sponsor

    Head-Fiers, it’s been a while! Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet lately; We’ve been making a lot of big changes, not only to our brand and how we operate, but most importantly to our products and how we make them. As some of you will know, 2019 marked the next step in our partnership with Roland...
  5. Torac

    [SOLD] V-moda M-100

    Hi, I'm selling my V-Moda M-100 as it doesn't get used as much as it used to as I have moved onto other headphones and this only gets used for when I'm talking on discord ext. Comes with the original box and cables, has been well looked after and comes from a smoke and pet free home...
  6. jim723

    [SOLD] V-moda M100 (Like-new)

    SOLD I bought these M100s about two years ago. However, they don't fit my large head very well so they have been sitting in the box ever since. I just realized that I still have them the other day and decided to sell them since I am not using them. Everything is in like-new condition. All the...
  7. twiceboss

    WTB - vmoda wireless ii

    Let me know if you want to sell your vmoda wireless ii I need bass, missing bass for EDM
  8. plakat

    V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless Rose Gold with aptX -- SOLD

    Selling my V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless Rose Gold with aptX, almost unused, i.e. mint condition. Comes with hardcase, analog cable, micro-USB cable. Local pickup in Vienna preferred, shipping by Postal service within EU is otherwise included in the price. Payment in cash on pickup or by EU bank...
  9. C

    Audiophile ps4 help

    Hi, I will be outlining my plan to audiophilize ps4 with chat support. Now im i don't want to spend a fortune, and I'm not looking for the best audio ever. Just really good. Keep that in mind i know i can use others to sound better but i want to keep a good ratio between cost and quality...
  10. robm321

    V-MODA Crossfade M80 SOLD

    For sale is a lightly used V-MODA M80. It has been stored away most of the time. I am the original owner. It comes with 2 cables, a tool to replace the face-plate, and a case (with box and instructions. I'm asking $40 CONUS. Buyer PayPal and shipping. Thanks!
  11. K

    VModa Boompro with FiiO E10K

    So I just recently bought the Fidelio X2 paired with the Vmoda Boompro and realized that my onboard sound card is pretty bad due to volume levels and some hissing while adjusting volume etc. I ordered the FiiO E10K and realized afterwards there will be a ground loop problem. I'm pretty satisfied...
  12. dpwhitey


  13. ribosradagast

    For Sale: V-Moda M100 Matte Black - includes XL pads and Coilpro cable

    Just got these in, so they're in mint condition, as far as I can tell. Includes the XL ear pads (20$), the DJ coiled cable ($30), as well as the full, boxed product ($229). Also comes with android mic cable, longer cable, (tiny!) carrying case, and all documentation. These sound great -...
  14. steverob

    V-MODA Crossfade Rattling / Distortion - Bass

    I just bought the Vmoda crossfade and I'm noticing this rattling / buzzing sort of noise coming from the left can. Its very noticeable when the bass is heavy. I used a simple tone generator and it picks up at 60Hz at 6dB or so.. and everywhere below that frequency range. Is this expected? Or...
  15. SDBiotek

    SOLD VModa Crossfade M-100 wired headphones, matte black

    Used but in very good condition, with little (if any) cosmetic wear to the earpads and paint. These come with just the original size earpads, but the XL earpads can be purchased elsewhere if needed. The two original orange (mic cable)and regular cables are included, along with the exoskeleton...
  16. Cloudtastrophe

    V-Moda M100 Shadow Black *sold*

    I have a lightly used Vmoda M100 for sale! These are critically acclaimed and they were tuned in conjunction with feedback from the headfi community. Check out the M100 thread! Really great for any tracks that have bass because these go deeep. I have only put about 10 hours on these so they...