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Introducing SOUNDAWARE Flagship Reference Wireless Network Mobile Player MR1

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  1. soundaware
    SOUNDAWARE® Proudly Presents
    The state-of-the-art and award winning wireless mobile player !

    Mobile Reference One
    Flagship-Class + Full-Balanced + All-Scene Music Playback
    For Audiophiles' Unrestrained Enjoyment
    Integration of Desktop flagship network and reference mobile players for all-scene applications
    Connect via mobile phones apps
    via WIFI
    via DLNA
    via AirPlay
    via Bluetooth
    With Boost mode, MR1 can perform the same driven effects as desktop player does and play uninterruptedly by using usb external power supply

    Use MR1 as a USB DAC to connect your PC-HIFI system
    Use MR1 to connect Home Speaker System in multiple ways, control it by mobile phones or tablets
    Even MR1 can play with your car stereo system and still be controlled by mobile phones (MR1 3.5mm out---Aux in)
    Various Interfaces

    ①3.5mm balanced headphone out, for a balanced IEM or headphone
    ②3.5mm single-end headphone out
    ③3.5mm line & coaxial out, supporting single-end analog output and digital output respectively
    ④SAW_Link jack(mini HDMI), connected with the customized extension box, can transport XLR full balanced analog and LVDS IIS/DSD signal
    ⑤The usb jack is for charging or transferring data while adding USB DAC function turns MR1 into your mobile HiFI DAC& amplifier
    ⑥Two TF card slots, each one supports 256G
    ⑦Aviation aluminum shell, battery is replaeable

    Multiple control modes, diverse wireless applications

    High fidelity bluetooth playback integrated Soundaware's unique FPGA independent clock architecture, playback controlled by mobile phones or tablets in wifi mode, optimized Airplay playback on Hifi effect

    Adopting the clock and FPGA algorithm from the next generation reference transform system, plus Soundaware's optimization experience to improve the digital output level, using overall unified and more accurate femtosecond clock on Bluetooth and Xmos at the same time
    Innovative, professional instrument-grade mono dual-DA symmetric full-balanced, full DC decoding, as well as headphone amplifier system can perform up to the limit of the chip's capacity in no matter the index or the performance
    Ultra-low distortion, physically adjustable output power of the full balanced headphone amplifier circuit under load of 16-300 Ω, the distortion + noise can be as low as 0.0008
    2 x 3 kinds of gain modes--- headphone amp, pure line and pure digital of three independent output modes, with high-end equipment's fully balanced XLR and native IIS & DSD digital output.
    Same as SOUNDAWARE desktop players, MR1 also provides the native DSD&PCM playback with FPGA

    More Original Technologies Added
    MR1 exclusive SAW_Link extension box interface can make it compatible for various scenes. By using only one cable, it can achieve reference level of digital and analog output to your home speakers and Hi-Fi systems.
    The latest FPGA technology with preciser femto clocks was used on MR1. Its original HIFI bluetooth digital processing technique supports APTX and other standards as well. Data transmission through added AirPlay function is lossless, ensuring the sound integrity and quality plays the best. The volume of MR1's AirPlay function can be adjusted by Apple's native design synchronized with the control of MR1, abandoning Apple default volume-control mode which shifts data.

    More we've done for MR1
    • Thicker immersion gold PCB of six layers
    • Strictly arranged audio, RF and high speed wires under professional principles
    • Exceedingly rigorous ground segment and return control
    • Analog module and key audio parts are all segmented by two layers complete ground line to ensure the lowest crosstalk
    • Desired good playback effect can all be maintained on all modes.

    OEM by Foxconn cooperated factory, the beautiful and exquisite shell, made of aviation aluminum, has passed rigorous CNC production process, while other parts are all produced from high-precise mould.
    Every part of MR1 body is of the first-class fine workmanship. Inspired by modern styles, MR1's appearance was designed by professional designers of electronic products, revealing a sense of strength and speed.
    More customized extending accessories are supplied.
    Battery is replaceable.
    Based on SOUNDAWARE popular DAP M1Pro firmware, optimize it and will add gapless playback and more improvements in the future.

    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
  2. soundaware
    Here we comes to Portableaudio Festival-Winter Tokyo Akihabara-2017

    Our Booth number is 2F-39, meet us there to try out MR1 and SOUNDAWARE P1-Flagship Balanced
    Pre-Amplifier & All Discrete Circuit Full Balanced Headphone Amplifier

    (Prototype Picture)

    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
  3. Nadham
    Looks interesting, what is the expected cost and release date in UK? and can DAP drive Senn HD 6xx?
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2017
  4. Ynot1
    Laptops have wireless stuff in a replaceble form factor. I wonder if qualcomm could make a standard interace for their chips to make devices last longer into the future. I think this Soundaware is really filling a void in audio that has never been possible before. I like.
  5. jinxy245

    Not for the faint at heart...I believe Penon audio is international, if you change the currency, it shows £1,326.62

  6. soundaware
    MR1 would be about $1846
    With Saw_Link pack would be $2123

    What MR1 does the best is to drive big headphones, flagship headphones with MR1 in high performance mode, you gonna be crazy about it.
    jinxy245 likes this.
  7. soundaware
    Thank you.
    Hope you get the chance to try our products.
  8. Takeanidea
    Sorry.....how much? I thought this overpriced nonsense was disappearing from the DAP world , which has several tried and tested and proven DAPs in the 500 price bracket. It doesn't even look that nice cosmetically to my eyes
  9. soundaware
    Excuse me?
    Where did you get that conclusion? Did you try our MR1? If you can get it at 500, I would buy thousands from you.
    MR1 has high reputation and stable sales in China mainland, I am afraid the audiophiles won't agree with your came out of nowhere verdict.
  10. Takeanidea
    £1,326.62 is overpriced for a DAP . Does it have an octa core processor? Can you install the latest version of android on it? Will it outperform a £150 cell phone with a Chord Mojo OTG'd to it? Because the total cost of that would be £550..... Please by all means send me one on demo and prove me wrong
  11. soundaware
    Dear, what MR1 has been usually comparing to is Chord Hugo, not Mojo.
    I hope you can get the chance to try our MR1 and let it surprise you. :)
  12. Pictograms
    A very appealing player, I'm wondering what some official online retailers are(for English intercontinental) and whether there is any warranty period?
  13. john1711
  14. soundaware
  15. soundaware
    Hi, we will show some online stores and retailer information some days later. I will keep you posted.

    And MR1 has a free 2 years warranty with a paid 5 years maintenance service.
    Pictograms likes this.
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