Introducing SOUNDAWARE Flagship Reference Wireless Network Mobile Player MR1

  1. Takeanidea
    Can you tell us what processor runs all these functions?
  2. Pictograms
    Well, I have been spending far to much time reading reviews I was able to find on Baidu I didn’t bother to save any... but it’s easy to find them.
    The general opinion seems to be that sound is very neutral and very well detailed, often compared with Paw gold and other players in that teir.
    What people don’t like is the ascetic(I quite like it)?and how tall it is(doesn’t bother me, about the same as my iPhone plus)
    Aside from that some like the buttons some don’t, it’s not a scroll wheel.
    Anyone else reading reviews?

    P.s. no one mentions the processor that I saw
  3. Pictograms
  4. soundaware
    Thank you very much for your time.
    The machine Soomal got hasn't been burned in.
    After 200 hours the sound will be much better and smoother.
  5. Pictograms
    I read the Somal review as quite positive so that is a definite bonus.
  6. soundaware
    And the new firmware also have solved many inconvenience.
  7. Pictograms
    @soundaware were you still going to post some info about online stores?
    I could only find Penon and Shenzhen audio for English stores, most of the links on don’t work for me. Except your Taobao shop which would include some guessing and google translate.
  8. soundaware
    Hi Thank you for your attention, I will post an official online store as soon as possible and surely I will @ you.
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  9. Pictograms
    Hello again... Im surprised no one has asked any questions, I have a couple things I am wondering.

    If plugged in to charge will the battery be by-passed if left plugged in continuously?

    Does the Bluetooth support the apple codex?

    Is the Saw Link able to feed a RCA input on LO mode or anything? What is the wiring for the cable if possible?
  10. ExpiredLabel
    Any chance of a review your. Curious how it would compare to the 901s, if only out of curiosity.

    Regards and thanks for the consideration.
  11. Pictograms
    I was still waiting for a official store... but a few reviewers in China have compaiered them. Google translate is not very good for understanding analogy’s but I think the 901 is more musical and the MR1 has more detail, the 901 gets called “poisonous” for its musicality (I think).
    Here is a review that compares them directly
    And here is a few quotes
    MR1 compared to 901s hard quality has a comprehensive upgrade: the sound field, high and low frequency extension, resolution, positioning accuracy has improved. The relative lack of mellow taste gone, high-frequency digital flavor slightly thick. MR1 band more balanced, solid sound density, the sense of hearing is definitely not but can not taste 901s.” -neorobin
    “If you are a 901s user, you may feel MR1's voice is not enough texture, not poisonous, if you are AK240 users, you may feel MR1 sound is not supple enough. . .” -thevoiceofthebar
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  12. Pictograms
    I’ll see if I can find more comparisons with the 901 again, I’m curious to see how it will compare to the r2r2000 which I believe hifiman has said is a little better aounding than the 901.
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  13. ExpiredLabel
    Thank you for digging that up for us. I feel my curiosity squashed though after that little blurb. With the Nakamura headphone conditioner it's further balances out the 901s bringing more extension to the top and bottom frequncies while further blackening the background.

    Like you I'm curious to see how the R2R2000 can stand up to this incredible combo. Potentially if they improve on resolution and give more detail it might be worthwhile but the capacitive touch screen is a bit of a let down as I've had bad experiences with older cellphones that used that tech. Hopefully I as well as others may be humbled by the quality of this particular version.

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  14. soundaware
    Thank you for your attention.
    If left charging, it will stop automatically when it's full. But we don't suggest you to charge it too long time when it is playing.
    The Bluetooth supports Apple codex..
    Saw_Link(Digital&Analog Input) is a data interface that we created, it has LVDS, IIS and balanced output, with differnet cable it will output different sound quality, actually the cable we made for Saw_link is 7 types already.

  15. soundaware
    In China, there is also not many comprision between these two. But we have different sound style, I think you can try more.:)

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