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Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Nov 30, 2014.
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  1. Nayparm
    Hi Alberto, I don't keep a stock but can order in.
    If its in option, just let me know.
  2. TremWolod
    Hi, everything is loading without problems from the official site-http://www.lotoo.cn/en/about/support/download/, tried through google chrome for LPG and PAW 5000MkII ,it’s a pity that they took the older firmware, I heard that they differ in sound, I wanted to play:smile_phones:
  3. dkalgray
    Thanks for the info and your time to check. I also contacted the Lotoo technical help email and they pretty much told me the same thing. Anyway, I eventually did get the firmware downloaded but it was a slow and painful process as it kept timing out. There is obviously some blockage between China and Australia?
  4. Stu Paddasso
    HELP! I just got a used lotoo paw gold (2017) and was playing around with it when I pushed format button and it whipped out all my music. Put sd card in the computer and it says folder empty but it won't let me put anything in. I honestly don't know what I did or how to fix it. Did put in another card and it works
  5. kendosperling
    Format the card with your computer and you should be able to put new music on it.
  6. Stu Paddasso
    I'm kind of challenged in computer use!!!!! how do you format a card in windows?
  7. kendosperling
    right-click on the sdcard in explorer and choose format from the menue (filesystem should be fat32 or exfat)
  8. Stu Paddasso
    It says it's write-protected and won't let me do anything
  9. kendosperling
    If it's a full size SD card then there is a small switch on it for write protection. You might have locked it.
  10. Stu Paddasso
    we got it working
    thank you so much!!!!!
  11. kendosperling
    you are welcome :)
  12. Stu Paddasso
    I've had my LPG for 2 days now and it sounds amazing I think their's magic is this box.
    tgdinamo and Quadfather like this.
  13. Quadfather
    It is really an amazing piece of equipment
  14. mwhals
    What is the difference between the Lotoo Paw Gold Diana edition and Lotoo Paw Gold 2017? Are they the same?
  15. musicday
    On Diana edition the firmware is optimised for the Abyss headphones. Is I am not mistaken is +6 dB louder.
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