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Insight for the best Trance headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slcook54, May 27, 2011.
  1. slcook54
    Hey guys,
    First time poster here, I had no clue how involved picking hi-fi headphones was.  I've been primarily listening to vocal trance / house for the past couple years and am looking to pick out a nice set of headphones that can reveal / accentuate all the different layers of sound and not get muddled in deep bass.  To be clear, I want bass, but I don't want it to overpower the other sounds.  
    This song really illustrates what I'm listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7mg8xQ2Prg
    As I was searching it seems the HD650's are a very popular choice, but might not be the best suited for Trance.  I saw some other threads recommending Stax, Ultrasone and the Sony SA5000's, but the thread is about 2 years old.
    I'm relatively new to the audiophile scene and am not sure if I'm going to need an amp to drive these, but any input there would also be appreciated.  Budget for the headphones is currently ~$300, willing to go up if there is a particular can that warrants it.
  2. slcook54
    Anybody out there?
  3. AmanGeorge Contributor
    I'm not a huge fan of them myself, but Ultrasones tend to have loads of bass and are pretty quick - they'll probably be a good match for your needs. Hopefully someone more familiar with the lineup can help you find the right one. You should decide if you want open headphones (tend to have a little less bass than closed headphones, and leak a bunch of sound inwards and outwards, but have a more "expansive" sense of space that they convey) or closed headphones (particularly if you're planning on using these headphones on the go). Ultrasones have a reputation for being pretty easy to drive - i.e., no need for an amp.
    Re: the other brands you mentioned... Stax will be out of your price range, Sony SA5000 is an excellent choice for electronic music, but is a little bass-light relative to an Ultrasone and a little more amp-dependent. HD650 probably isn't an "energetic" enough presentation for what you're looking for, but I'm sure there is a trance lover out there who can give you a better sense. Amp is a must for those, though.
    Here is another thread where someone asked a similar question:
    Good luck, and welcome to Head-Fi!
  4. Digital-Pride
    For trance I second the recommendation of Ultrasone's line of headphones, as they have an excellent balance of quick, strong deep bass along with stellar overall sound quality.  Take a close look at the HF-780, PRO 750 and the PRO 900.
  5. MorbidToaster
    Pro 750 is an excellent option in the price range. I really enjoyed them for EDM (which is pretty much 95% of my music).
    Out of budget depending on the used market lately, but the Denon D2/5/7 line are my go to for EDM. You MIGHT be able to find a used D5000 with a budget stretch. 
    Either one would be a great choice though. I love that track by the way. 
    EDIT: Pro 900 is within range used or new if you're lucky (372 on Amazon right now). Many on this site use these as their go-to for EDM, though I prefer the Denons for comfort.

  6. classakg


    They are a good option on your price range. 
  7. joelpearce
    I prefer the HFI-780 to the Pro 750, and they are also easier to drive and cheaper.
  8. Arnotts
    Pro 750's and likely the Pro 900's from Ultrasone really benefit from an amp. Straight out of my Cowon MP3 player the bass was WAY too uncontrolled and loose when I demo'd the 750's. When I put in a CD with a good amp it tightened up a lot and became fantastic :).
  9. Tragiclil
    I'm interested as to why people always mention ultrasone and denon when EDM is mentioned. Why not the Seinn HD650s or Beyer T90s? Do most people on this site just assume that ultrasone and denon are meant for trance? Also how many people here actually listen to trance frequently? Sorry for sounding like I know it all I don't I'm just curious since I'm looking for headphones (mainly for trance) as well.
  10. Mad Max
    I love trance!
    I've never heard T90, but DT880 would be a good choice for sure as far as Beyers.  T50p if on the go.
    D2k and Ultrasones aren't my cup of tea.
    You want good speed and clear, sparkly treble, so I would add a modified K701 and A2000X to the list, or an SR325 with dynamatted drivers is okay.
    Or there's the other headphones mentioned earlier if you want more bass with more punch.
    HD6x0/580 lack treble sparkle, so they are "darker" in sound and not the best suited for the genre.  They're also a little too laid-back in the midrange for trance, in my opinion.
    I'd recommend Beyers and A2000X over K701 because they add their own unique "euphoria" to the sound, which I think is favorable for trance.  Ultrasones do this as well.

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