Increased Production at the Audiophile Center of Excellence in Ireland
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Feb 10, 2010
Hannover, Germany
Hello Head-Fi!

Many long-time members know the importance of our Ireland manufacturing facility—the origin of some of our finest hi-fi transducers and even the final point of assembly for milestone headphones woven into Head-Fi's history.

Today we're announcing that this Tullamore-based plant will expand production duties to encompass all of the below models:

HD 600
HD 650
HD 660S
HD 800 S
HD 8xx Drop
HD 820
HDV 820
IE 900
HE 1

Since its foundation in 1990, Sennheiser Ireland (as it is casually referred to) has played an essential role in transforming our engineers' ideas and specifications into reality, all with our commitment to consistently great quality. This move is both an investment in the audiophile headphone portfolio as well as a consolidation of the acoustics production and various component assembly processes to one operation.


above: Sennheiser's Tullamore, Ireland based plant

The benefits will impact both structural and transducer elements to improve quality while clearing a path for developing extraordinary new experiences for the future of sound. When combined with the Ireland team’s own expertise, the expansion provides the brand with the experienced eyes, ears, and hands to craft, test, and assemble cutting-edge audiophile solutions. The Ireland plant has produced a wide variety of wired and wireless headphones through the years, spanning both transducer manufacturing and structural assembly. The venerable HD 6-series, for example, has a history rich with the personnel, production machinery, and assembly capabilities at this facility.


above: assembly of the 6-series

The site has a history of resilience and resolve, too, having survived a massive fire in mid-2004. Although the production area was destroyed, within months it re-opened boasting a new, automated transducer manufacturing line. This specialized workforce of nearly 100 people plus Sennheiser’s state-of-the-art production testing machinery means that every hi-fi headphone off the line continues the brand’s legacy of quality design, development, and German engineering. As one can imagine, the production of highly complex acoustical systems is not as easy as flipping an on/off switch—especially given the supply chain challenges brought on by a global pandemic. That said, the transition will occur in phases to ensure manufacturing integrity.


above: transducer manufacturing is a multi-step process


above: the Ireland plant has extensive experience in both manufacturing and testing

We will update our websites, product support literature, and packaging, accordingly, knowing full and well that there could be products from multiple manufacturing sites on shelves at the same time. However, as Sennheiser products are produced and tested to rigid specifications before the final packaging phase, the listening and ownership experience will remain as consistent as ever. We appreciate your continued support over the years and look forward to the benefits of this investment to make even more great headphones for the foreseeable future.


above: spot-checking an HD 800 S

Let's have an up-close look at this facility and its newest chapter in the story of sound:

Thank you!
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Very interesting and great to see continued production of the venerable HD-6 series - one of my favourite ranges!
My little army of HD-6 re-drivered HD-5 chassis are all definite keepers!
AWESOME collection!
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So, how would a consumer know which plant his purchase was coming from? Are we returning to the 'made in ireland' stamp on the headbands?
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This is confusing. Didn't Sennheiser switch the production of the 6 series to Romania just 3 years ago? Are they switching back?
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Just out of curiosity, does that mean production duties of other plants would go down though? Or are you simply ramping things up at Tullamore.
The plant in Germany will exclusively focus on microphones and wireless systems, Romania will build the affordable microphone products as well as professional headphones like HD 25.
Ireland will be the manufacturing plant for most of our audiophile portfolio in the future, except affordable products like HD 560S and IE 300.
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