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In ear headphones for around $100?

  1. BuckEye1
    I found countless posts with this same question, but none helped me enough because they set different requirements. 
    I am looking for some decent in ear headphones for around $100 (on amazon, including Black Friday sales). I listen to metal, rock, and some dubstep now and then. I normally use Ultrasone HFI-780 at home and checked out Ultrasone's in-ears, but they were well beyond my price range. I want these for use at school.
    The models I'm most interested in from reviews I've read are the Etymotic HF5 and Shure SE215 (postive and negative reviews for this one though). 
  2. karohan
    Watch for the UE TF-10 sale on Black Friday. They typically do it every year, so they may do it this year as well.
  3. LordSnail123
    I remembered hearing that TF10 wasn't going on sale this year because they were discontinued. Amazon's out of stock on them.
  4. lazuline
    I'm hoping for a amazon black Friday deal on some headphone... just not the tf10. 
  5. ostewart
    Check out Hisound Wooduo 2,. Dunu DN-19 Tai Chi, Dunu I-3CS

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