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iHiFi 990

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by walfredo, Sep 11, 2016.
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  1. walfredo
    Hi Folks!!
    Has anyone listen to the iHiFi 990?
    Massdrop has it going on right now.  With dual 8740 and smaller dimensions than the iHiFi 960, it looks interesting.
    Update:  bzfrank added a mini-review to this thread.  Thanks, man!!
  2. bzfrank
    I am also looking in the direction of the 990er. Since my 812V2 seriously rocks noodles soundwise it is tempting...
    But as usual I wanted to wait for a review. Any volunteer? [​IMG]
  3. jdog
    If you guys are thinking about buying the 990, check with Penon Audio before you buy from Massdrop.  Penon has the 990 for US $330, which includes a 32 gb microsd card and expedited shipping...  If either of you buys it, please let us know what you think...  
  4. walfredo
    Tempting... :)
  5. ninaraduga
    I had ihifi 960, good player, waiting 990
  6. jdog
    I really like my dual core iHiFi 960.  please let us know what you think about the 990 after you have had some time with it...
    ninaraduga likes this.
  7. ninaraduga
  8. jdog
    Hey, just checking...  Did you receive the 990 yet and can you give us any early impressions?  Thanks.
  9. bzfrank
    I jump the gun too, was just shipped from China.
  10. jdog
    Good luck, and I hope you will share some thoughts after you have had some time with the 990....
  11. bzfrank

    Thanks, will do! I have high hopes it will carry on the legacy of the 812v2/960 (a true and unrated gem).
    nick n likes this.
  12. bzfrank
    Got it today from Penon audio - Preliminary tests show its GOOOOD! Same or even a tad better punch than the 812v2 but more detailed, wide soundstage, very likeable presentation. Starting burn in now.
  13. bzfrank
    The user interface looks in some respect a bit like the Hidizs AP60. Some UI elements like the selection wheel for gain, play modes, during play are identical. Also the rather long pause for large AAC files (an AAC with 240MB and 5h play time takes almost 30sec to open) before play starts are the same.
  14. walfredo
    Thanks for sharing, bzfrank!!!  Looking forward to hear a bit more when you have the chance, after some burning.
  15. Aradea
    Waiting for more impressions and hopefully comparisons with other DAPs
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