iFi Audio Pro iDSD discussion thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by jwahl, Jan 26, 2014.
  1. dolstein
    The obvious solution is for iFi to offer an outboard linear power supply in a Pro-sized chassis. Ideally, the LPS would be able to power all three Pro units (iCan, iESL and iDSD). And they'd offer a rack that would hold all four components.

    You could have a complete stack of iFi pro components:

    iFi Pro iDSD DAC
    iFi Pro iESL Electrostatic Headphone Energizer
    iFi Pro iCan Headphone Amplifier
    iFi Pro iLPS Linear Power Supply
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  2. gr8soundz
    Saw this recent pic of the iDSD Pro and a new portable iFi dac called the X-DSD here:

    No new info about the Pro but says (via Google Translate) this final version will be released next year.


    Apparently, the X-DSD is battery-powered and part of a new X-Series line.

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  3. NuClear235
    It plays from Wifi and streaming?!
    Has Bluetooth support for AAC codec from Apple devices ? (not just Apt X)
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  4. iFi audio
    <sneaky mode>

    Yup, well... you know, we've been doing some cool 'stuff'

    </sneaky mode>

    Jokes aside, we've been doing some REALLY cool stuff.
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  5. bluesaint
    Just to confirm one thing. The 3.5mm Balanced out on the iDSD PRO, will this have full balanced power to it or would it be gimped for IEM? All my cans have balanced cables, and i have a 4pin xlr to 3.5mm balanced, so would hate to use the SE vs. the balanced out. Before anyone mentions that's what the iCAN Pro is for, yes I'm aware, and have one, but I looking at the idsd pro as an all in one for work.
  6. iFi audio
    No details yet, we'll start revealing each functionality soon.
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  7. hamachan
    It is better to create a new thread for "X" series to discuss about X-DSD. :)
  8. gr8soundz
    I thought it was worth mentioning but there's no info about it yet (same with iFi's other secret projects like the AC iPurifier). Hard to discuss something that only has a name and one photo.
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  9. hamachan
  10. gr8soundz
  11. hamachan
    Hahaha, I am still newbie and I am expecting someone to create it. I will definitively enjoy to read the thread anyway.
  12. Katie88
    Thanks for uploading the pics. I've been following this thread for years in eager anticipation of the iDSD pro. I had wanted to update my iDSD micro to something I can use with great ease as a pre-amp to Icon Audio Stereo 60 mkii valve amp. Unfortunately it looks as though 3D and XBass didn't make the cut in the upgrade from iDSD micro to pro. Very sad about this. I predict ifi-audio would argue that these functions are available with the iCAN pro, but I can't really justify buying the latter together with the iDSD pro just for the sake two features. I guess I'll just stick with my iDSD micro, which is still a fantastic and versatile piece of kit. Still - A pity!
  13. gr8soundz
    I was also sad to see no xbass/3d controls but that detail was confirmed some time ago. I used xbass often when I had the iDSD Micro and it would've made the Pro closer to an all-in-one solution. But that would make the iCan Pro less relevant, especially since both have balanced headphone outputs and switchable tubes.
  14. DarktoreS
    I waited a long time for the Pro Ican, and then I had to wait for it ... I found myself a Teac UD503 after the IDSD-Black, and I do not regret having changed ! By dint of compute I do not know what, the IDSD Pro will find only part of its public .... In contrast to the magic cables 3.0 that there is some. I'm beginning to believe that iFi Audio is a bit of a mess! In my environment we are many to think so ...
  15. Katie88
    I hadn't realised this info is already out there. I searched this thread, but must have missed it buried in the 118 pages

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