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iFi Audio iGalvanic3.0 - The Holy Grail of Audio

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ifi audio, Mar 10, 2017.
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  1. thuanb

    I've compared uspcb with Curious link and preferred Curious link. The new ifi Mercury 3.0 USB cable beats them all. My two cents.
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  2. Franatic
  3. Franatic
    Thanks Thuan. I've not seen the iFi Mercury 3.0 cable yet. Where did you get it and how much?
  4. bflat
    Ideally, you want the distance between iGalvanic to your DAC as short as possible so that your USB out does not collect any EMI/Noise after all the hard work it did in cleaning up. That is the general idea behind the USPCB. Kitsuni Hifi has several 8 inch USB cable choices just for this purpose and reasonably priced due to the short length.
  5. thuanb
    Hi Fran,

    I got Mercury3.0 USB from Amazon, but looks like ifi Audio is selling them directly now. Last time I checked, Mercury3.0 (single head) is $209 (0.5m), $269 (1m); Gemini3.0 (dual head) $379 (0.7m), $5xx (1.5m).
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  6. jgwtriode
    I didn't like the sound of the blue cable. Much prefer my DIY neotech silver/gold OCC cable. I found uptone PCUSB even better between. Galvanic and my W4S RUR. Then another uptone into my EVS modded Sonica Dac Very pleased with resulting performance!
  7. thyname
  8. thuanb
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  9. littlexx26
    so the mercury 3.0 is the only 3.0 cable better than amazon basics
  10. jgwtriode
    What is the Benefit of running Galvanic input in 3.0 if the output chain is only 2.0?

    Just wondering????.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  11. thuanb
    No, there are Gemini3.0 and Nordost 3.0, I heard.
  12. manishex
    When comparing cheap usb adapters, the usb 3.0 one was much more detailed and trebly than the usb 2.0 which was way too dark.
    The uspcb picked up a balanced treble and added a lot of musicality if I remember correctly.
    Maybe we need a uspcb 3.0
  13. thyname
    @bflat Your suspicion was right: the SOtM sMs-200Ultra (powered by LPS-1) did not have any juice to make the iGalvanic 3.0 function. Its light would turn on for a brief moment, then nothing.

    Anything else I can try before I return he iGalvanic? I don’t want to buy/ add additional gadgets to my already inflated spaghetti chain. Thanks!
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  14. bflat
    You would need the iDefender and a 5V power supply. You can get both with the promotional bundle with the iGalvanic if you can find one.
  15. thyname
    But how would I do that now that I already bought the iGalvanic standalone from Amazon?
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