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iFi Audio iGalvanic3.0 - The Holy Grail of Audio

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ifi audio, Mar 10, 2017.
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  1. miksu8
    Just came to same conclusion. One of the laptop USB ports is dying.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
  2. iFi audio
    Sadly that happens sometimes. But still, we do hope that you enjoy your iGalvanic3.0.
    iFi audio Stay updated on iFi audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  3. littlexx26
    just for your information. i have nano igalvanic3.0 connecting to micro iusb3.0. igalvanic connecting to computer and iusb connecting to dac.
    i have ortofon usb2.0 cable, oyaide continental 5s v2 usb2.0 cable, uptone USPCB A>B Adapter and amazon basic usb3.0 and stock blue3.0.
    from in and out of igalvanic, only usb3.0 cables work. from iusb to dac, only ortofon work. oyaide and USPCB A>B Adapter never worked at anywhere.
    in conclusion, there is no high end usb3.0 cable available at the moment and unknown amount of audiophile usb2.0 work. that means if you want to use nano igavanic3.0 and micro iusb3.0 together to achieve the highest performance as suggested by ifi, you have no choice and have to use cheap usb3.0 cable or to spend a lot of money to try and error the hifi grade usb2.0 cables. new mercury3.0 and gemini3.0 are out but i am not sure if i should consider them high end.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
  4. bflat
    WireWorld has a USB 3.0 A to B cable that is in the high end category.
  5. jgwtriode
    I had similar problems running my DIY 2.0 cable into the Galvanic 3.0 until I reinstalled the Oppo Sonica USB driver. The supplied blue cable worked fine but I suspected it was degrading absolute sound quality compared to my neotech silver gold OCC 2.0. I first synched my Oppo Sonica. Then I hooked up the W4S reclocker and reloaded the driver. I use uptone pcusb A/B blocks in and out of the W4S. Then I hooked the Galvanic 3.0. Made it all one connected chain. Then synched the entire combination and reloaded the driver again for good measure. It was working after the previous reload. But I wanted my computer to see it as one combined component when it loads the driver on boot up. Works great now. Jplay is more stable than ever and I can even run DSD files at highest Dac Link and lowest buffer settings now; which sounds best with the Sonica DAC.
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  6. jgwtriode
    It sounds awesome! At this point I have no need to do USB 3.0. until I have a DAC capable of supporting it
  7. bzy83
    It seems like the function of iUSB Power (discontinued) is same to idefender with ipower?
    If so, how are they compared in performance (the original iUSB Power with the adapter in package and idefender with ipower)?
  8. technobear
  9. thyname
    Has anyone compared this to ISO Regen side by side?
  10. littlexx26
    i have uninstalled the driver, connected all the decives, then reinstalled the driver. even worst. disconnect within minutes!
  11. thuanb
    I'm running Mercury USB 3.0 cables between AudioPC, Nano USB 3.0, iG3, and DAC. They've replaced the trusty good sounding Curious USB links. They've been here since last night, so I expect them to be more open. That said, I feel that they're a MUST for those of us who have invested in iUSB and iG3, to say the least.

    Sorry, I forgot to share this: I spent lots of time, challenged my patience in re-installing drivers and wiggling connectors before making all connections work. Also, make sure to observe the turn on sequence: turn DAC on first, then the AudioPC. That works for me.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2017
  12. bflat
    It would be great if iFi could produce another white paper on how their products can be optimized for different setups. There are a lot of variations that would create different requirements for different folks. With my limited understanding of digital to digital signals, I think we have the following considerations:

    Devices for Specific Issues
    • Reclockers that reduce jitter. Jitter is a big deal for DS DACs and not so much for NOS R2R DACs.
    • Clean stable power for optimal component operation.
    • Line noise reducers that create lower noise floors. Affects both power and data.
    • Digital to Digital converters that bypass USB circuitry inside DACs. Optimized for audio transmission.
    • Cables - still unclear what specifically needs to be done here beyond keeping lengths are short as possible.
    Sources and DACs
    • Sources
      • General USB (PC, laptop, portables)
      • Audio Optimized (bridges and streamers)
    • DACs
      • DS DACs
      • FPGA DACs
      • R2R DACs
        • Multi Bit
        • Discrete Ladder
    • Power Needs
      • BUS powered
      • Self powered
    How To Advice
    • What devices do I need for a specific source + DAC combo?
    • What is the correct sequence of connection from source to DAC?
    • Where are cables a big deal and where are they not?
  13. littlexx26
    i dont understand, if iusb and igalvanic is transparent to the computer, why it shows differently in usb device viewer?

    dac only dac only.jpg
    igalvanic only ig.jpg

    iusb only iusb only.jpg

    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  14. Superdad
    Both devices run the data through USB hub chips: 1 in the case of the iUSB and 2 hub chips in the iGalvanic. When you plug one into the other you daisy-chaining hubs--just as you see in your screenshot.
  15. littlexx26
    since i could not get my igalvanic to work with my windows 10 pro laptop. it just keep disconnecting every few miutes (with or without micro iusb 3.0 in the chain). i decided to give it a try with samsung galaxy s7 playing dsd using usb audio player pro. the s7 is battery powered during test.
    the results:
    s7 to dac: everything fine
    s7 to igalvanic to dac: can play the songs but with clicks and pops like vinyl
    s7 to iusb to dac: everything fine
    s7 to igalvanic+iusb to dac: can play the songs but with clicks and pops like vinyl, more than igalvanic alone.
    so now i cannot say my igalvanic is defective since it behaves differently with laptop and s7. but i have no way to make a good use of the igalvanic to its full potential.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
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