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IEMs for use with an iPhone? Thinking Shure 315 or Etymotic HF3

  1. DougofTheAbaci
    Currently, I'm using a set of Ultimate Ears 700 IEMs with my iPhone but I think I'd like to make a step to something that is a bit more integrated. Unfortunately, THE UE 700's are the second best universal fit IEMs UE makes and I don't want to take a step down.
    Now, this is going to be used almost exclusively with my iPhone so I'm not looking for something crazy. I have my Denon AH-D2000's for when I'm home. Right now, I'm looking in the $200–$300 as I figure that should be enough to get me a good set of IEMs that'll be a slight step up from my UE 700's.
    The two I'm considering as my forerunners are the Shure 315 (with their optional cable) and the Etymotic HF3's with the headset cable.
    Now... I've never own either brand myself. The Shure's I like the look of as they have a user-replaceable cable. Seeing as I've had cables get messed up in the past the fact that I'm only out $50 for a new cable instead of $200+ for a new set of IEMs that does appeal to me.
    However, I've heard nothing but amazing things about Etymotics.
    As I said, this is only going to be used with my iPhone (and at some point possibly an iPad). Music-wise, high-bitrate and lossless audio (ALAC and AACs for the most part). I also listen to just about every genre under the sun so I'd want something that's good as an all-around.
    Also, is there something else I should be looking at entirely?

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