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IEM's ~$100 Bass? Check!!!

  1. quisxx
    Hey dudes me again, this time I need help with a pair of in ears. My faithful V moda Vibes broke on me after 2 long years. Unfortunately I don't have the reciept or I would have used the 50% coupon on a pair of vibrato's w/o blinking an eye. For now i'm using my Bass Freq's (never noticed but I like these better than my vibes lol) and I need a 2nd or main pair of phones.  I have been looking on the board for the past 2 days reading multiple threads (including that huge awesome compilation/comparison thread with like 100+ Iems) so I think I have a bit of an idea of a few to look for. That said lets get down to business, I (think) I narrowed it down to a few, (you are more than welcome to recommend more).
    1. Klipsch imag4
    2.Nufroce ne700
    4.Sony MDR-XB41Ex
    5.Think sound (forgot the model #)
    6.Monster Turbine
    That being said, I'm looking for Bass, bass, and umm... oy yeah bass!! Of course I want some clarity and no Distortion, Good volume, and bass I can feel. Something that just feels... ALIVE you know?  Prescriptions please? and feel free to advise me of other contenders
    Thank you  :)[​IMG]
    Edit: I scratched the tf10, got 2 pm's on top of a contributor to the thread telling me not to hold my breath on that price lol
  2. nipit
    Out of the list I would suggest TF10.
  3. soundstige
    1) No -- harsh treble/distortion
    2) Maybe -- a pretty good performer with a lot of bass
    3) No -- I guarantee you won't be satisfied with the amount of bass in RE0
    4) Only happens once a year, maybe. Great bass though.
    5) Dunno -- not familiar
    6) Dunno this one either
    Also read about the Brainwavz M2, Future Sonics (the $50-60 one), or:
    Really not kidding about that one. Dsnuts introduced it as having brain rattling bass that still doesn't overpower the other frequency ranges. Haven't tested it out myself yet, but for $9, I would go for it regardless.
  4. kylezo
    Get the Atrio MG7 driver models with the 50% coupon code - 99 bucks. That's my recommendation. Pretty much the best sub bass you're gonna find till twice that price. Search the deal thread for more info on the (insane) discount.
  5. afhstingray
    Check out the new Sony XBA series. I tried the XBA 2 yesterday and it was very bassy. It's the new series using balanced armature drivers. The number denotes the number of drivers. Hence the XBA 4 has 4 drivers two of which handle the low frequencies. 
  6. Totally Dubbed
    bass I hear?

    Although its $150 = TFTA 1XB will blow your head off with bass. Honestly - I'm a basshead :D!
  7. ri_toast


    ok, can i borrow your time machine? this "You get 100$ off the 200$ price of Atrio Mg7 drivers IEMs. Deal is valid for the next 3 days" was posted last march. lol
  8. kylezo


    SHouldn't be too hard, since the deal was still up 3 days ago when I used it
    and give me my time machine back when you're done with it. :wink:
  9. kylezo
    In the immortal works of Rafiki in the Lion King, "Look...haarrrder!"
    This post was made 3 weeks ago
    I should have followed my instinct and just done the footwork initially when I mentioned the deal, lol. I thought I might have to eventually!
  10. quisxx
    O, I suppose it would have been wise to add musical tastes right lol?
    Drum and bass, Hip hop, House, Trance, Things that sound like dub step (Can't stand dub step, but phones i'm looking for would excell with the dubstep sound).
    Although I do listen to my Nujabes(RIP), Nomak, Nitsua, Emancipator, DJ Okawari, ect....... Just as much (if not more), I also enjoy this type of music through my bass heavy phones, sounds alive.
  11. bubsdaddy
    You should consider the Monster Turbine which can be purchased refurbished from the Monster Outlet Store for $50.
  12. Totally Dubbed


    that's a very good shout
    I bought myself some - will be getting them later this month :)
  13. quisxx
    Added the turbines to the list of recommendations
  14. djvkool
    If you like bass, make sure to consider Hippo VB - I have yet to hear anything with better bass (and yes, I own Atrio M8 and AtrioX)
  15. DrGroove
    The Klipsch S4 are decent, but I think there are much better options nowadays.
    Scratch the RE0 off your list if you want bass
    I haven't heard any Sony earphones, but the EX600 can be found used on this forum for ~$100
    My Atrio MG5 are still in the mail, so I can't comment yet
    You might want to consider Fischer Eterna or Tandem
    The FXT90 (~$120) are my main earphones right now. Bass extension is good (but most likely not as good as atrio or maybe the hippo VB), but it is punchy and quick. Everything is clear and separated with a warm sound. I listen to the same type of stuff you do, mostly prog trance and DnB, and I just apply a slight bass boost. 

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