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IEM (Custom or Universal) Recommendations

  1. AV3Nguyen
    Hey, I'm looking to upgrade my portable setup (currently the IM02 plugged into an LG V30)

    My budget is around $750, flexible (I swear this keeps going up the more I look around, so it's really flexible), not including impressions if CIEMs are recommended.

    For sound signature, I'm looking for something similar to the HD800 (SDR modded). I know I'm not going to get the same level of detail/soundstage/imaging though.

    So far, I've looked at the AKG K3003 and the FLC8S for universals, Alclair Reference and UERR for customs. The UERR is probably the highest I'm willing to flex, but I'd have to save for a while longer and my upgrade itch is pretty bad right now.

    Additionally, if anyone has any recommendations for audiologists for ear impressions near Huntington Beach, CA, that would be extremely helpful.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. serman005
    If you can stretch, you might be happy with an Andromeda. Maybe read about it and see what you think. It might work for you.
  3. Will Chiu
    You may also want to get a dap
  4. riso1983
    Almost any Dap will sound better than V30, no to mention the amp ability... I would recommend CA Andromeda iem
  5. AV3Nguyen
    The Andromedas do look rather nice, but it'd be a major pain in the ass to have to carry around a second device (I chose the V30 purely for its Sabre DAC so I wouldn't have to). Do they sound that bad with the V30?

    If so, are there any other options, even if they don't fit my preferences as well as the Andromedas do? Cheaper would be nice too

    Thanks for all the help so far!
  6. PointyFox
    Get a used Andromeda ~$700-$800. If your V30 is too noisy, get an IEMatch. Andromedas are super sensitive and you will hear noise on most things including some of the highest-end DAPs and headphone amplifiers.
  7. riso1983
    which iematch ? the ifi one, or any other cheaper?
  8. PointyFox
    Yeah, iFi. There is a cheaper one but I don't know how good it is. These attenuate the signal, reducing any noise to inaudible levels that is introduced post-amplification or via ground.

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