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IEM Advice around $100

  1. phillypanther14
    I'm looking for new IEM's now that my Klipsch S4's broke (did not like the build quality). Enjoyed the moniters very much and am looking for something similar. I am not a huge basshead but it's not like I'm against it or anything.
    My main line of music (in general) is Deadmau5, the Doors, Metallica, and Classical/Orchestral. And the occasional hip-hop. How about something like the Etymotic MC5 or Shure SE115s? Any other IEM's I should like at?
  2. dziendobry
    I would consider the SE215 as currently being discussed here: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/542003/new-shure-se215-first-impressions
    I am currently listening to MEE's flagship CC51 and I am loving them. I just finished burning them in and have started to do some analytical listening with them.   I listened to DeadMau5 with them pre burn in, they were great. Post burn in, a little bit of Porcupine tree, and right now Beethoven's 9th conducted by Bernstein.  I mostly listen to Classical and will be posting a review sometime next week. 
    Also the UE700's are on sale on Logitechs site for only $112.49  Excellent for all genre's especially classical.  Happy listening and sorry about your wallet. 
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  3. dweaver
    I think you should go SE215 over the SE115, having said that read the thread and if your still not sure wait a fee more days for more impressions and then decide on them or one of the other IEM.
  4. phillypanther14
    Thanks for the help! Yes, unfortunately I am on a tight budget as a student. Anyone know when the SE215's will be on sale on Amazon??
  5. kenniepark
    Get them at earphonesolutions.com, might get a 5% discount if you email them and a 2 year warranty instead of 1 year
  6. dweaver
    Careful about the discount. I put on a small discount bring the price below their 98 minimum and ended up paying for shipping so ended up paying a bit more in the end. I don't think these will be on sale anywhere for at least a couple months and if popular they might not go on sale even then.
  7. ElcomeSoft
  8. phillypanther14
    I ended up getting the Shure SE215's. Thanks guys!!
  9. Duxxy
    Seconded CC-51
  10. Fastlane
    Good choice!  Just breaking in the SE215 now and it's sounding great.
  11. SpecterJin
    lol... I was gonna say xCape, but congratz on getting SE215. they are pretty good too

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