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IEM < $160 (new or used) || GR07 or IE7 or FXT90 or ??? || For EDM / Progressive & uplifting Trance

  1. mjumrani
    Hey guys

    I have been going through the forum for the past few weeks now, but I'm still as confused as I was at the beginning.

    I've been looking for an IEM to replace my X10 for around a price tag of $160 be it like new or brand new.

    I listen to EDM, Progressing & uplifting Trance and House 99% of the time.
    The sound signature that I like is good amounts of bass without it treading into the treble territory and reducing the clarity. So I don't want a compromise on bass or treble.

    From what I read on the forum, a few options that were favourable are GR07 MK2, HE-100, SE215 LTD, IE7, etc but I haven't read a post which would make me say, "this is the one".

    Looking forward to your inputs
  2. mjumrani
    Bump for help!!!
  3. TwinQY
    Well, first off - http://www.head-fi.org/t/596233/buying-portable-or-in-ear-headphones-seeking-guidance-dont-start-a-new-thread-ask-for-advice-here
    Hopefully bass WON'T go into the treble territory, as that would mean they've completely usurped the midrange :p
    The FXD80s have low bass bleed (less than the FXT90), a cooler tonality, quite fast with nice bass impact, all about the leanness of note and treble sparkle. Not terribly V-shaped but still along the lines of that. 
    The GR07s are rather warm, but treble is nowhere near deficient. Decent as an all-rounder so would be quite nice for EDM, but the FXD80s are simply faster in transient response.
    FXT90s would be fine, nice aggressive presentation, but the warmth and lack of clarity against the other JVC would be a deterrent, from the looks of your criteria.
    Same would go for the SE215 as it's even more soft-spoken.

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