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Icon Audio HP8/MP 3

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ozer, May 17, 2010.
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  1. Ozer
    This is two very uncommon amps... Can't find anything about it on any forums.... I want to know if anyone know anything about it ?
    I want to buy a new amp, but the problem is that I don't want to pay import duties, as the import duties is 45% of the price here in Sweden... I have to buy inside EU if I don't want to pay that. It's really hard to find any amps here in EU....
    I found out about Icon Audio HP8, and I know where to buy it here in EU, by Audioaffair (http://www.audioaffair.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=1402) or from them self...but as I've said I can't find any impressions about it... Then I found on their site that there's a newer headphone amp, Icon Audio MP3, it costs 40£ more, but I don't know if it's much better.... It looks very well made and everything. I've also read that they can upgrade to better tubes and capacitors if you buy from them....
    I know that someone will post an identical Ming Da amp.... It's cause Ming Da and Icon Audio uses the same production facility and share technology with each other....
    Here's Icon Audio's site: http://www.iconaudio.com/index2.htm
    The MP8 uses: 2 x Russian 6H30pi super triodes
                           1 x ECC81 first stage valve
    If you have some tips on other tube amps I can buy in EU here's my requirements.
    I'm looking for an amp that is leaning to the warmer side rather than the light.
    My budget is a maximum of 700$
    Good with Sennheiser HD650
    EDIT: NVM about the MP3... Just read on their site that it's suitable for headphones between 4-60 Ohm... I use Senn HD650....
  2. Skylab Contributor
    Well, as I posted elsewhere, that sure looks like this Meixing amp, which has been around forever:
    So maybe the take that Chinese amp and mod it?
  3. Ozer


    Maybe... Is the Ming Da version good?
  4. Ozer
    Somebody has to know something about this amp..... [​IMG]
  5. Skylab Contributor
    I've never heard it so I cannot say.
  6. Ozer
    Ok, I know that apparently nobody have heard/heard about this amp (Icon Audio HP8), but I maybe will take a chance and buy one of those, I can send it back if I don't like it...
    I'm wondering if the tubes on the Icon Audio HP8 is good..... I've mailed Icon Audio for some question, and they responded that they have a MKII version  the amp witch is upgraded... This amp uses 6SN7 tubes... And I think it still uses the ECC81 tube... Are these any good ? If you buy from Icon Audio themselves, you can get an upgrade with "Jensen Cu foil paper in oil caps", but I have no idea what this does [​IMG] I also got two pictures of the amp, 'cause it's a totally new product and they haven't updated their homepage with this product yet.... Here's the pictures...


  7. Ozer

  8. Leonardo_BVB
    Hi Ozer, all I can say is that they are a very good company based in Leicester. I have bought direct from them the Icon BA2 buffer preamplifier (Musical Box) and it is built like a tank. They are also very nice to talk to if you give them a call.
    I am thinking in buying one HP8 MkII myself (I have a collection of 6sn7s so it is very tempting) but I have 3 hedphones amplifiers already so I'm thinking Christmas... so I can get my wife in the right mood!
    They are valve specialist so it can only be very good.
  9. alvin sawdust
    Contacted Icon about the HP8 mkII and they have it in stock.Price is £449 + shipping.They have a 30 day refund policy with a 10% restocking fee + shipping back to them.
    Tempting,especially as my darkvoice 337se has died on one channel.
  10. Painterspal
    I thought I'd resurrect this thread. Anyone care to share any thoughts on the Icon HP8 mk2? Anyone heard it? I'd be particularly interested in how it might compare to other competing products such as the Little Dot IV se, Woo Audio WA6 or Dark Voice 336 etc.
    Thanks All.
  11. Xymordos
    Mingda's version of the amp...I can say for IEMs it'll suck. There's much too much hiss for them. I've never heard them on a full sized can so I don't know. The sound signature is very tubey, but I found the details to be lacking.
  12. Painterspal
    Thanks for your reply. It's the more recent MK2 version of the HP8 that interests me - pictured in post 6 above. It looks completely different to the earlier version and the spec seems different. Has anyone actually heard it - especially with full size cans?
  13. project86 Contributor
    I've got one that I've been playing with recently, soon to be reviewed at InnerFidelity. Spoilers - it's very well built, and sounds good too. Easily as good an anything else I've heard for the price. I like it with my D7000, Thunderpants, and especially W1000x. 
    I'll add a link to the full review when I have it completed. 
  14. Painterspal
    Thanks project86, much appreciated and I'll certainly look forward to that review. Your V200 review certainly helped tip the balance for me into making that purchase, and I was very happy with the outcome. Now I'm on the tube trail and being in the UK, one of these could really work for me.
  15. alvin sawdust
    Is the review any closer project86?
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