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iBasso DX200 Firmware Modification Project

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by windowsx, Jan 31, 2017.
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  1. camillem
    me too please :)
  2. camillem
    if we use MangoPlayer android app, Poweramp or Apollo - Fidelity Edition without any app effects, will the sound quality be the same ?
    do they all use the same hardware path to play music ? 
  3. camillem
    Hi, i have just installed the free version, you might want to inform people that it's normal if the dx200 stays on logo for more than 2 min at first start so that they are not afraid something went wrong.
  4. artpiggo

    For only first time boot up. Next time will be normal.
  5. camillem
    Yes i know but i might be good to inform people about it. The first time it happens you ask yourself if the device is stucked.
  6. artpiggo

    Easy check is if you change songs from 44.Hz to 96hz or vice versa, there is popping sound that means it uses hw perfectly.
  7. camillem
    i have noticed that poweramp volume is a lot lower than appolo.
    If i apply some preamp in poweramp will i get the same quality as appolo ?(yes i know i can try by myself, but i don't trust completly in my earing faculties and would like to get somebody else opinion)
    poweramp ui is a lot better so i prefer using it if the quality is the same.
  8. artpiggo

    After I try poweramp isn't hw perfect. Only stock app and apollo are working.
  9. camillem
    indeed this is what i thought too :frowning2:
    any hope this could be fixed ?
  10. camillem
    With public firmware It's still not possible to disable lockscreen. Will this be fixed ? Especially if we use apollo, the lockscreen still shows stock app widget...
    (EDIT) after reboot it's working fine now :)
  11. camillem
    I have an issue with appolo: it doesn't recognize artists, alls my songs have "<unknown>" artist :frowning2:
  12. camillem
    The included version of Apollo is v1.1.
    V1.4 is available, is it possible to include this version in your next build ?
  13. tkteo
    what is the advantage of using Apollo instead of Mango player?
  14. camillem
    a far better UI.
    Search feature.
  15. fuhransahis
    Since the latest Purist ROM update my DX200 seems to restart randomly.. happening to anyone else?
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