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iBasso DX150. Dual dacs and interchangeable AMPs. **NEW Firmware that supports AMP9! ** New FIRMWARE 1.05 Dec 30.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Mar 9, 2018.
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  1. Paul - iBasso
    It sounds like the battery is loose inside. You can email me and I can send you a video of the DX220 on opening the back. It is much the same for the DX150. paul@ibasso.com

    You would just need to have something, double sided tape etc., to hold the battery in place.
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  2. Rekreation
    Thanks Paul, I'll DM.
  3. docentore
    I've bought DX150 and generally I'm very impressed by sound quality and happy with general experience. Just few things:
    1. Is it possible to have the DAP charging when it is in USB DAC mode? This question was never answered by @Paul - iBasso , he mentioned using DX150 with phone but me and other users mean using it with PC.
    2. Is it possible to enable USB DAC without going through Mango Player?
  4. Paul - iBasso
    I apologize, I didn't realize I had not replied. No, you can (not) charge and use it as a USB DAC at the same time. For the second question, I am not sure what you mean. When in the player, you just slide the screen to the left and the setting is there.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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  5. docentore
    Hi Paul, thank you for answers.
    1. You you can not?
    2. What I mean is without opening player, from settings menu or the top menu?
  6. Paul - iBasso
    Sorry, no you can not charge while using as a DAC.

    You have to open the player for the DAC setting.
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  7. docentore
    Ok thank you. I suppose I can live with it.

    Unless someone knows other way, something similar to @Lurker0 USB Audio app, instead of routing the USB audio internally, to the external USB port.
  8. Zeo-Gold92
    Lately I've been having issues when I run shuffle sometimes when I play from Mango or Hiby Music in shuffle the first song I play on mango doesn't work and it'll play the next song. The same thing is similar on the Hiby music player too where when I'm in shuffle it'll skip some songs after a second to another one. This was an issue that cropped up on my iPod. Is it something to do with how the files sit on my unit? They are primarily running from a 200gb SD. Could the issue be too many folders to get to those songs that its skipping? like artist>album>song? i know some of them do have folders in folders, but I also just dragged and dropped in chunks so I was thinking I could try using musicbee to send them over with again? I have also finally updated to the most recent update. Has the update been known to have issues with these things? Should I roll back?
  9. nichino
    @Paul - iBasso

    Will the 2 power settings for AMP9 in the upcoming firmware reduce the audible hiss with sensitive IEMs (e.g. CA Solaris) - on the current firmware the hiss is very audible on quieter passages of music especially classical and slower tempo songs =(
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
  10. ExpatinJapan

    Took the DX150 out for a commute yesterday after a wee while. Amp 8 and Campfire Audio Andromeda Gold
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  11. yannis
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  12. yannis
    I`m glad that iBasso is working hard to bring MangoOS and other goodies to DX150 :)
  13. skingg
    @Paul - iBasso I noticed the other ibasso daps all had new firmware update in November. Can we expect a new one for dx150 soon?
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  14. brugis
    Currently have Ibasso DX90, i want to upgrade, finaly want go balanced... Looking at DX160 but those wifi and bluetooth problems make me... Now looking at DX150 at the same price or even DX200. Question, what about DX150 user interface lagging after all firmware update, is it getting smoother?
  15. madmanmatt
    I'm running original android 6 with lurker mod on mine. With uapp running tidal, gets me direct dac control. I very have little hiccups with mine running this setup, does get laggy with input changes. I tried to just give it sec to respond. For me I can live with that for what you get at used dx150 prices
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