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iBasso DX150. Dual dacs and interchangeable AMPs. **NEW Firmware that supports AMP9! ** New FIRMWARE 1.05 Dec 30.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Mar 9, 2018.
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  1. yannis
    General UI is ok. But MangoPlayer is close to terrible.
    Also MangoOS is lacking in Android 8.1 version.

    My hope is that new firmware will bring new MangoPlayer and MangoOS.
    If Fidelizer and Lurker can do it - so can iBasso.
  2. javre76
    Lurker has the latest version of Mango Player in his add-in? MangoOS in 8.1?
  3. yannis
    Nope. I meant - they improved usability. That means iBasso can do it also.

    Lurker did MangoOS only in A6. But he did it - unlike iBasso.
    He can do it also as for DX160. But assume not motivated or have time/energy.

    Fidelizer did DX220 port so we can use new player.

    I`m grateful for both - but using third party ports is not solution.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
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  4. Zeo-Gold92
    So I've been using my IT01 iems for most of my listening experience on the DX150 but I'm itching for a pair of cans. Which would make a better pairing for the DAP, the Koss Pro4S or AT M40x? Or is there something better in the same range? I'm looking for something that goes to neutral but with still a nice thump to the bass for when it's called upon, in hip hop and electronic music.
  5. yannis
    Dear @Paul - iBasso, any news on new firmware?
    Your post was 43 days ago :)
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  6. yannis
  7. Zeo-Gold92
    What are the benefits over this when compared to the lurker mod add on and 8.1?
  8. javre76
    Latest version of Mango. I am not using Mango right now but I am currently using USB Audio Player and, IMO, it is the the better player. I think having the latest Mango player affects stability in the player, I prefer the Base FW, Lurker add-on and the USB Audio Player combination.
    Zeo-Gold92 likes this.
  9. yannis
    They complement each other :)
    You can install Lurker addon on top of Fidelizers port.
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  10. Zeo-Gold92
    But in what way? Do the apps run better or does the unit sound better? I'm curious about replacing Hiby Music Player as my player but aren't sure about any ones that are free and work well?
  11. yannis
  12. borjok536
    me too, i always use the stick player on every android aap that i have.
  13. Zeo-Gold92
    that seems the logical thing to do :p But I guess I was just gauge some info before going to the trouble :) Thanks. I've been having issues with Hiby where it doesn't find all my music even though it's there. This is when I use the search in the app. I might give the Fiio one a go.
  14. borjok536
    anyone here tried the latest dx220 v1.15 ported rom on dx150? any thoughts on this? thanks
  15. yannis
    Me :)
    It works as expected :)
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