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iBasso DX150. Dual dacs and interchangeable AMPs. **NEW Firmware that supports AMP9! ** New FIRMWARE 1.05 Dec 30.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Mar 9, 2018.
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  1. jon parker
    The player sounds great, its the poor UI that is frustrating. I really love iBasso as a company. Im just disappointed that after spending so much money I am not experiencing a premium device. Im sure they will sort it out with SW updates although looking at how many dx200 fw there are compared to dx150 Im not sure how long this will take? :/
    I owned the DX120 but TBH I thought the sound was a bit of a mess, quite incoherent. People over all seem to like it though
    I installed Neutron player on the DX150 and have to say Im very impressed so far. The UI is much more reasonable now - you can actually scroll with some degree of accuracy consistency!
  2. buonassi
    netron certainly sounds the best (out of the 3rd party apps), with it's 64 bit engine. But boy do you pay for it with battery life.

    Anyone up for a challenge? Try the stock Mango player with 44/16 and a/b the exact same tracks with UAPP (bit perfect enabled) or Neutron (32 bit processing NOT 64). Can you hear a difference? Which do you prefer? I know that even though both are "technically" playing bit perfect, they are doing it slightly differently and I'll elaborate next. But, first the challenge!
  3. borjok536
    i dont hear d difference between those players.. maybe its just my ears. but i keep on coming back to mango player. i have installed uapp with bit perfect enabled but still theres something with the mango.player that keeps.me in using it
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  4. jon parker
    Thanks for your input on this. Its an interesting question

    I find that sometimes a sound can 'technically' be better and personally there are times when I enjoy that aspect, but also audio can have a more 'fun' presentation and there are times when that just sounds more enjoyable! - Im thinking the difference between solid state and tube amps for example
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  5. buonassi
    Thanks for the replies @borjok536 , @jon parker .

    The difference is that UAPP/Neutron appears to be padding (or appears to call the audio linux driver to pad) the bitstream's least significant 16 bits with zeros, turning it into a 32 bit stream, which the DAC then consumes. Mango sends 16 bits and the kernel layer doesn't appear to be doing anything to it before passing it onto the DAC. I read on the spec sheet that this DAC chip can play 16/20/24/32 bit streams natively. What I don't know is which method is best technically since digital volume is deployed here. And I suspect it doesn't really matter if dither is being used (which, it likely is). Both methods are considered 'bit perfect' FYI.

    Regardless, I "think" I hear a difference with Mango being a smidge more precise in delicate treble layering and being a bit more holographic. I also "think" I hear note attack being a pinch quicker. But I'm not above admitting this could very well be my brain just playing tricks on me.

    I've owned Fiio X5iii, Fiio X7ii, Hiby R6, A&K SR15, and now the DX150. The DX150 with amp7 is the closest I've come to sonic nirvana. I realize that everyone has their own preferences, but this one just does it for me.

    Even with amp7 the battery is great. I'm getting 9 hours!
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  6. artpiggo
    I use dx200. Can I join the conversation?

    I also feel slightly different tonal.

    I found mango = blacker background and smoother and precise treble.
    UAPP = detailed and vivid sound
    Neutron = neutralest sound among 3 apps.
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  7. buonassi
    good way to put it. I do sense that, yes.
  8. mBcHc
    Paul, the problem is back.... It seems like my repeat input is delayed for 1 song, it repeats the next song and conversely when I get back to normal "play" mode, it repeats for once and skip to the next song... Very. Very strange
  9. 9leonn
    @Paul - iBasso
    The upcoming dx220 will bring a new Mango App, do you think that our cherished dx150 and dx200 will benefit this update in a close future?
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  10. rherinx
    Really hope they'll port it to the DX150 / 200!
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  11. ostewart
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  12. Arghavan
    Yeah that would be awesome and eliminate the need for a third-party music player, at least for me.
    Modern UI + search function + PEQ = bliss
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  13. Bookbear
    And the crowd chants.... Search function! Search function! Search function! Search function! :dt880smile:
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  14. jon parker
    And a lone dissenting voice can be heard mumbling in the back of the crowd - Do you people not even know what what you have put on your device ?
    To search something, wouldn't you know the name of it already? . . . and if you know the name then you should know the Artist or Album...
    Walks off, hands deep in pocket tutting at the 'young uns' :D
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  15. pithyginger63
    I switched to amp8 after getting a new cable, but I'm getting alarming speed of battery depletion. I turned my device off and it drained about 20% battery. It runs very hot and even when it was off, was warm to the touch. I have the Lurker firmware installed. Any reason why this might be happening? I played music for about 10 minutes and lost 15% battery.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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