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iBasso D-Zero vs E7 vs E10

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by phonelover94, Dec 24, 2011.
  1. PhoneLover94
    Yes, I know the iBasso D-Zero and the E7 are portable while the E10 is not. I want to compare quality. I honestly am going to be using the amp mostly from my desk upstairs (either from my 10 year old computer or if I can use it to play my 360, that too) or my computer downstairs. I will also use it for my iPod, but probably not that frequently but it would be nice to have something portable to use when I want to and I may find that I will use my iPod more frequently after I get an amp/DAC. I don't really have any good earphones, which may be why I don't use my iPod a lot but I am possibly looking to get some new earphones so my portable use may change and it would be nice to have something to use on the go. With all that in mind, what is the quality comparison between the iBasso D-Zero, E7, and E10. I am leaning towards the iBasso because of it being better (apparently) than the E7 and it is portable. How is the iBasso compared to the E10? (Note, I have AD700's and may be looking for some cheaper earphones)
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    If by quality you mean sound quality, I will rank them like this: E10 > D-Zero > E7. Of course you can't use E10 with iPod as E10 only works with USB input from a PC.
  3. BillsonChang007
    But I heard that, we can use the FiiO E10 on the iPad to bypass the onboard DAC with an iPad Camera Connection Kit?

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