1. ForShure

    iBasso D-Zero or get new Schiit?

    Hey all, my first DAC/Amp combo I purchased was the iBasso D-Zero and it has given me noble service. I am moving away from portable audio into desktop audio now that I am not on the go as much so instead of being used as an Amp, my D-Zero is being used strictly as a DAC. It seems to sound great...
  2. Law87

    Ibasso D-zero vs JDS Labs C5

    hey guys, can anyone give me feed back on these 2? I'm looking for a portable amp to drive my Alpha Dog on the go, TIA.
  3. money4me247

    Giant List of sub-$200 portable DACs w/ their chips & price

    hey, I recently went through the trouble to look up the DAC chips & prices of quite a few sub-$200 DACs. Fricking manufacturers often do not disclose their DAC chip on their product specs. (kinda shady imo lol) Not sure if this list would be helpful to anyone, but I figured I'd post it. Please...
  4. Bodycount

    Help! best portable amp for Ipod under 150$

    Hi which is the best portable amp for ipod Classic /Nano and Laptop under 150 among those in the list?   Fiio E11 Fiio E12 Fiio E17 iBasso D-Zero NuForce Mobile Music Pump JDS Labs C5   I have a Grado RS1ì and a Brainwavz R3 Dual Dynamic     Can you make a list, starting from best...
  5. ChavaC

    FS: FiiO E07K & L9 LOD

    Recently acquired this little amp for use with my iPhone and CCK, but ended up going in another direction. 1. FiiO E07k Like new condition. Took it out of the box and tested it for ~ 10-20 minutes, not a single blemish. All accessories\packaging included. I'll throw in a unopened FiiO L9 LOD...
  6. Rayzee

    iBasso D-Zero to UK

    Looking to buy one for a decent price.
  7. catcherfly


    I received the D-Zero directly from iBasso last week. Less than one hour of use. I purchased the D-Zero to use as both an Amp/DAC with a jailbroken iPhone but I cannot get it to work so I want to sell.  Hooked up to my Macbook Pro there is a noticeable improvement in sound with both T-Peos...
  8. SLEEb

    Looking for 'entry level' desktop DAC between 100$-200$

    Hello Headfi, first post here.   Is there some kind of "Introduce yourself" thread? If so, please point me towards it. :)   I've been lurking these forums for a few days as I've been on the lookout for a new set of cans. I've ended up deciding that I'll go with the V-Moda M-100. I come...
  9. sevens906

    iBasso D-zero crashing my Samsung S3 t-1999 in ICS Touchwiz

    Now I know i am first time poster, never had an issue i couldn't figure out, but as a novice audiophile i can't seem to figure this out. I recently bought, well stated above an iBasso D-zero for my s3 at first it worked flawlessly but now i can't seem to prevented it from killing my smartphone...
  10. J

    is there a way i can get a better music experience with my Samsung galaxy s 3 ?

    i was wondering if i would buy a amp would it have a big impact on my samsung galaxy s3 
  11. rmappita

    iBasso D-Zero

    Introduction: iBasso ultra portable DAC/AMP combo D-Zero is our entry level audio solution. It is a Self powered DAC and Hi-Definition headphone amplifier. It not only works as DAC/AMP combo, but also works as a stand-alone AMP, DAC, or USB soundcard. Even it is an entry level product, it...
  12. iBassoHeadFi

    iBasso D-Zero USB-DAC and AMP, for only $109

    The D-Zero has WM8740+PCM2706 on DAC section. The AMP section is based on the AD8656, and well tuned with some audio capacitors. Please check our site for detail. www.ibasso.com  
  13. hma101

    Ibasso D-Zero vs. D2 Boa

    Hey everyone,   I just recently bought the D2 Boa from Ibasso's website. A few days after my purchase I saw that Ibasso has released the D-zero, which appears to have the same guts as the D2 only it's cheaper.   I emailed the company to see if they could tell me the what's the difference...
  14. jailhouselounge

    ibasso D-Zero or Fiio E7?

    Which amp is better for Denon adh2000? The d-zero is around 109$ and the fiio e7 93$. thanks!
  15. keanex

    [Review] iBasso D-Zero, with FiiO E7 Comparison

        I would like to thank iBasso for the opportunity to review their new USB and portable D-Zero amp/DAC. iBasso has been making quality amps and DACs for audio enthusiasts for years and I consider it an honor for them to allow me to review their product.   Pros: Looks, build quality...
  16. MRiNiCK

    WTB: UHA-4 or Pico Slim or iBasso D-Zero or, Headstage Arrow

    If you happen to have one of the amp/dac please feel to PM me, with your offer price and please state its condition as where location to where your shipping from. Thanks for looking.
  17. Chronos

    Ibasso D-Zero or HRT Music Streamer II as DAC only?

    Which do you guys think is a better DAC?  Ibasso D-zero with the wolfson8740 or HRT Music Streamer II?  This is for laptop USB play only, desktop setup no need for portability, matched to possibly matrix m-stage v2, and Denon AH-D7000.  Please feel free to offer any other DAC's in this price range.
  18. Arthur33333

    How is Ibasso D-ZERO?

    I know it's new production. So I'm not so sure whether I should buy it. I'm just looking for a portable DAC/AMP around $100-150. My headphone is SR80I, and I just bought Creative HD50. I need some suggestions. Thank your guys in advance.
  19. wormsdriver

    ibasso d-zero

    Wanted to check here first before I pull the trigger on a new one. pm me the details if you want to sell me yours, thanks. ...I'm in the US btw.
  20. PhoneLover94

    iBasso D-Zero vs E7 vs E10

    Yes, I know the iBasso D-Zero and the E7 are portable while the E10 is not. I want to compare quality. I honestly am going to be using the amp mostly from my desk upstairs (either from my 10 year old computer or if I can use it to play my 360, that too) or my computer downstairs. I will also use...
  21. jc222284

    Need help settting up Ibasso D-zero

    So I got the D-zero thinking I knew what to do with it but I dont. How do I use the D-Zero for computer use? I currently have it just plugged into the usb in my CP and into the D-Zero with my headphones in the phone output. What am I doing wrong?
  22. calipilot227

    FS/FT: iPod Classic 80gb for iBasso D-Zero or Cowon J3

    Up for sale: my trusty iPod Classic. I recently "upgraded" to the iPod Video 5.5g, and I no longer use this player.   The metal back was scratched up from going everywhere in my pocket, so I replaced it with a brand new one from Rapidrepair. It is just a shiny piece of polished stainless...
  23. S

    WTB iBasso D-Zero (Worldwide)

    As titled, Want a D-Zero to be the DAC for my hp DV6, just shoot me pm if youre willing to sell it. I'm at Australia, feel free to discuss the price and shipping. Cheers everyone  
  24. Jerms

    iBasso D-Zero too bright for M50 ?

    I recently buy my first pair of (real) headphones ATH-M50 2 months ago, I'm pretty satisfied with them, but I'm willing to improve my sound quality (it's pretty addicting). So I upgraded to FLAC/320kbps mp3 but I'm searching for a little more. Since I listen music on PC (laptop + desktop @ job)...
  25. trojan2900

    IBasso D-Zero usb dac/amp

    great little usb dac/amp. I prefer it over the Fiio E7. Under warranty still with a few months to go. The power on LED is intermittent, but doesn;t effect the sound of the unit. A little tap will make it light up or go off. To fix the LED, I'd have to ship it to iBasso in China, and the postage...