1. ForShure

    iBasso D-Zero or get new Schiit?

    Hey all, my first DAC/Amp combo I purchased was the iBasso D-Zero and it has given me noble service. I am moving away from portable audio into desktop audio now that I am not on the go as much so instead of being used as an Amp, my D-Zero is being used strictly as a DAC. It seems to sound great...
  2. Law87

    Ibasso D-zero vs JDS Labs C5

    hey guys, can anyone give me feed back on these 2? I'm looking for a portable amp to drive my Alpha Dog on the go, TIA.
  3. money4me247

    Giant List of sub-$200 portable DACs w/ their chips & price

    hey, I recently went through the trouble to look up the DAC chips & prices of quite a few sub-$200 DACs. Fricking manufacturers often do not disclose their DAC chip on their product specs. (kinda shady imo lol) Not sure if this list would be helpful to anyone, but I figured I'd post it. Please...
  4. Bodycount

    Help! best portable amp for Ipod under 150$

    Hi which is the best portable amp for ipod Classic /Nano and Laptop under 150 among those in the list?   Fiio E11 Fiio E12 Fiio E17 iBasso D-Zero NuForce Mobile Music Pump JDS Labs C5   I have a Grado RS1ì and a Brainwavz R3 Dual Dynamic     Can you make a list, starting from best...
  5. SLEEb

    Looking for 'entry level' desktop DAC between 100$-200$

    Hello Headfi, first post here.   Is there some kind of "Introduce yourself" thread? If so, please point me towards it. :)   I've been lurking these forums for a few days as I've been on the lookout for a new set of cans. I've ended up deciding that I'll go with the V-Moda M-100. I come...
  6. sevens906

    iBasso D-zero crashing my Samsung S3 t-1999 in ICS Touchwiz

    Now I know i am first time poster, never had an issue i couldn't figure out, but as a novice audiophile i can't seem to figure this out. I recently bought, well stated above an iBasso D-zero for my s3 at first it worked flawlessly but now i can't seem to prevented it from killing my smartphone...
  7. J

    is there a way i can get a better music experience with my Samsung galaxy s 3 ?

    i was wondering if i would buy a amp would it have a big impact on my samsung galaxy s3 
  8. rmappita

    iBasso D-Zero

    Introduction: iBasso ultra portable DAC/AMP combo D-Zero is our entry level audio solution. It is a Self powered DAC and Hi-Definition headphone amplifier. It not only works as DAC/AMP combo, but also works as a stand-alone AMP, DAC, or USB soundcard. Even it is an entry level product, it...
  9. iBassoHeadFi

    iBasso D-Zero USB-DAC and AMP, for only $109

    The D-Zero has WM8740+PCM2706 on DAC section. The AMP section is based on the AD8656, and well tuned with some audio capacitors. Please check our site for detail. www.ibasso.com  
  10. hma101

    Ibasso D-Zero vs. D2 Boa

    Hey everyone,   I just recently bought the D2 Boa from Ibasso's website. A few days after my purchase I saw that Ibasso has released the D-zero, which appears to have the same guts as the D2 only it's cheaper.   I emailed the company to see if they could tell me the what's the difference...
  11. jailhouselounge

    ibasso D-Zero or Fiio E7?

    Which amp is better for Denon adh2000? The d-zero is around 109$ and the fiio e7 93$. thanks!
  12. keanex

    [Review] iBasso D-Zero, with FiiO E7 Comparison

        I would like to thank iBasso for the opportunity to review their new USB and portable D-Zero amp/DAC. iBasso has been making quality amps and DACs for audio enthusiasts for years and I consider it an honor for them to allow me to review their product.   Pros: Looks, build quality...
  13. Chronos

    Ibasso D-Zero or HRT Music Streamer II as DAC only?

    Which do you guys think is a better DAC?  Ibasso D-zero with the wolfson8740 or HRT Music Streamer II?  This is for laptop USB play only, desktop setup no need for portability, matched to possibly matrix m-stage v2, and Denon AH-D7000.  Please feel free to offer any other DAC's in this price range.
  14. Arthur33333

    How is Ibasso D-ZERO?

    I know it's new production. So I'm not so sure whether I should buy it. I'm just looking for a portable DAC/AMP around $100-150. My headphone is SR80I, and I just bought Creative HD50. I need some suggestions. Thank your guys in advance.
  15. PhoneLover94

    iBasso D-Zero vs E7 vs E10

    Yes, I know the iBasso D-Zero and the E7 are portable while the E10 is not. I want to compare quality. I honestly am going to be using the amp mostly from my desk upstairs (either from my 10 year old computer or if I can use it to play my 360, that too) or my computer downstairs. I will also use...
  16. jc222284

    Need help settting up Ibasso D-zero

    So I got the D-zero thinking I knew what to do with it but I dont. How do I use the D-Zero for computer use? I currently have it just plugged into the usb in my CP and into the D-Zero with my headphones in the phone output. What am I doing wrong?
  17. Jerms

    iBasso D-Zero too bright for M50 ?

    I recently buy my first pair of (real) headphones ATH-M50 2 months ago, I'm pretty satisfied with them, but I'm willing to improve my sound quality (it's pretty addicting). So I upgraded to FLAC/320kbps mp3 but I'm searching for a little more. Since I listen music on PC (laptop + desktop @ job)...
  18. joetjie2000

    Ibasso D-Zero Vs Objective DAC

    Hi everyone!   I'm looking for a portable dac and I cant decide which to go with. Can anyone comment on which is better: Ibasso D-zero or the Objective DAC (JDS Labs)?   I dont need any amp-functionality - merely a portable dac. The D-zero has a line-out, so i can bypass the amp.  ...
  19. TekeRugburn

    Leckerton UHA-4 vs Ibasso D-zero: looking for a replacement of the UHA-4

    Alright....been looking high and low for a comparison between the two but cant find any.  Both have good reviews but no direct comparison.   I have the uha-4 but use it mostly only for a DAC since of its odd shape.     thinking of replacing it for two reasons: 1. no line out when used...
  20. raiderkilo

    iBasso D-Zero

      Is D-Zero suitable for combination for this "rig" (Or other amp as recommendation)   Headphones: Shure SE215 Shure SRH440   Sources: iPod nano 6g Sony Vaio F13 notebook   Thank You
  21. Fluffman37

    IBasso D zero, Loose headphone jack

    I seem to have run into this problem with the headphone jack on my ibasso D zero amp/dac,  is that a piece that I can replace myself?  I  dont have the money to buy another one
  22. lukEM22

    New amp

    I recently bought a pair of Monster turbines, and already own XB500's. I plan on soon buying a pair of ultrasone pro 550's, and I have quite a bit of extra money laying around since christmas and my birthday just passed, and I just sold my Bose AE2's. I am looking at buying an amp (used 95% at...
  23. el3ctr0nicz

    Portable amp under 50$ to drive my ath m 50's

    I am looking at a portable amp to drive my m 50's any recommendations? im looking at the e6 right now. also could somebody  give me there opinion on this non portable amp. thank every one :)
  24. southpark2033

    ATH-M50s revived my love of hi-fi audio. Now I want an affordable, portable amp for ALAC.

    I just listened to Radiohead's Kid A over these without even breaking them in using my Native Instruments sound card. Boy was that a pleasure.   I used to have a crappy headphone amp I'd route out of an iPod Classic (using the iPod's DAC) to some Denon AH-D2000s. This sounded pretty bad...
  25. zerocoolhifi

    C421, iBasso D-Zero, Fiio E12, Headstage Arrow

    I will be powering my iPhone 4, DAC is not important, amp only, listen to mainly rock, many headphones but re-0, vsonic gr02 be, MTPG, x10, mh1c etc. I like the ones listed because of features, form factor and reviews I have read. Can anyone rate these mainly on SQ but other features will play a...