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I ordered the UM3X (RC) and today I received a $399 rattle in my mail.

  1. zeitfliesst
    I usually don't post on Head-fi, but this is something I really wanted to share here. My SCL5 just died with the sound coming on and off probably due to a problem in the cable . So I shopped around for the next best thing, and since I remembered having a very good experience with the UM1 (my first pair of IEM's), I decided I would go for a Westone product. The UM3X seemed to be a good choice and since the cable was removable, I thought it would last me longer than the SCL5 did. So I went ahead and placed an order with Earphone Solutions, and oh what a surprise I got when I finally received it today. When I took the earphones out of the plastic box the left unit suddenly just dislodged with the black nozzle and I was freaking out as I did not know that the nozzles were supposed to be removable as well. But what really shocked me was that the entire component inside the left unit was completely dislodged as well, turning it into a nice rattle! Mind you I did not use a lot of force at all when I was taking these out. If anything I was babying them. Also, the cable length was really short to the point that I found it impossible to even wear them! The length was just above 5 inches from the end of the plastic tube (memory wire?) to the Y-split and I've tried wearing them in the y-style with one side going behind my neck, but even then the cable length was very short for me. I sent an email to Earphone Solutions so that I can hopefully get either a refund or an exchange with a non-Westone product, as I am completely disgusted by the so called "quality" control that they have. Can anyone give me suggestions on other IEMs with similar sound signature with SCL5?
  2. Guidostrunk
  3. zeitfliesst


    That was exactly my reaction, except replace d'oh with words slightly more...profane.
  4. Guidostrunk
    ^ i wouldn't throw in the towel on the UM3X yet, send it back and get another pair.S**t happens, Another option is the SM3 from earsonics.
  5. zeitfliesst
    I don't know, this seems to be a common problem with the RC version, but mine was just a really extreme case as I could literally see the transducers and whatnot shaking inside the thing! The SM3 is looking really good right now as I've heard some people say that they're basically an upgraded UM3x, although I'm not sure if that's true or not...
  6. Guidostrunk

    They're at the top of the list as far as "Top Tier" universals go. you can get all the info you need here .

  7. zeitfliesst
    Thanks for the link. SM3 is looking even better now. Might pull the trigger as soon as I get confirmation for refund on the UM3X.
  8. Guidostrunk

    You wont be disappointed [​IMG]


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