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I don't understand the sennheiser momentum headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifi man, Jun 27, 2013.
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  1. Superpiper Mk I
    "Burn-in" absolutely happens imho.

    Defining what "Burn in" is, is another entirely different question
  2. wafflezz
    lol. It could be worse.
    Youtube at least supports up to 256kbps. Some of my rips from youtube have those bitrates so I assume the actual video itself is just as good...
    Of course, implying high quality enabled etc
  3. GREQ
    I think the Momentum is the most enjoyable and comfortable closed headphone, at and below it's price point. 
    To me it sounds fast, tight, and detailed across all frequencies. The slight boom on the low end is perfect for the noisy outdoors where bass volume perception is the first thing to go.
    Is it over-priced? probably, but it's also one of the very best looking headphones around. 
    (and yes, I have small ears that fit effortlessly within it's warm lambskin embrace).
  4. Trunks159
    Sounds pretty average to me. My ws99 and kef m500 better fit my tastes.
  5. Superpiper Mk I
    Which are?

    My equipment tastes are varied, but I like the cleanliness of electronic music
  6. meyner
    well if its about the music, not the gear i don't think it was necessary to spend ~$300 + on a portable pair of headphones. Also the begining quality of the music is very important. Even if you have a dedicated amp, dac, and kick ass headphones if your source is low quality the sound will be low quality. Your set up is usually as good as your weakest component
  7. Trunks159

    Flat response, sound sig changes when the song changes. Sometimes I want more bass, and thats where the ws99 comes.
  8. nicholars
    Sorry but the audio quality on youtube is VERY POOR. Even if it "goes up to 256kbps" it certainly does not sound like that even most of the time it sounds like about 96-128kbps
  9. Trunks159
    ^ definitely
  10. GREQ
    You need to select at least 720 video resolution to get the best out of youtube's sound quality.
    The lower 480 and 320 resolutions also heavily compress the music quality.
  11. nicholars
    Still sounds bad to me on any setting on youtube.
  12. Hifi Man
    I listen to only 320kbps mp3 on my iPod. 
  13. GREQ
    You can't guarantee the one who uploaded the video isn't clueless, and may have just used a 128kbps or lesser mp3 for the video.
    A lot of video rendering software by default only saves the audio at 128kbps no matter what video quality you chose, so even the more experienced users will pay more attention to the video than the audio quality. 
    Maybe you should just use bad earphones for youtube - problem solved...? [​IMG]
  14. meyner
    well i was just saying that in regards to using youtube. It seems i misread. I thought that you were the one who did that. I apologize. 
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