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I don't understand the sennheiser momentum headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifi man, Jun 27, 2013.
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  1. nicholars
    Yes it is called marketing, I am pretty sure that some of the magazines are not entirely legitimate. Some are good though, such as innerfidelity etc.
  2. kyuuketsuki
    Just to be clear... I wouldn't actually drop a load of cash on a cable just for sound quality, because my logical mind tells me it isn't possible, even though my ears (and perhaps my mind as well) tell me different. 
    Really it would have to be for other functionality as well. I was ready to drop $100 at a meet on an IEM cable that I knew didn't change the sound (the actual price was $200, but you gotta love auctions, and Jude ended up gifting it to me). (And by that I mean I really heard no difference in sound at all placebo or not) The reason I was willing to drop the money on it was because of build, comfort and length (since the stock was a bit short for me to wear it behind the back under my clothes and not have it pull up my clothing when pulling out my player). It was more for the utility of having a longer cable that worked for my long torso, than sound [​IMG]
    And yes, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd probably have to think of a way that I couldn't get tipped off to cable build. Perhaps by that time I'll have a good home set up that I can play with and not have to worry about wires touching my head and tipping me off to which wire is which.
    To get back on topic... and with all this cable talk... I am now wondering how many people will make custom cables for Senns (Momentums and others that have user replaceable cable) and how many will buy them.
  3. Trunks159
    When did this become a cable discussion?
  4. ev13wt

    A while ago. You're late to the party, its already pretty much over.

    I just wanted to say I love aftermarket cables too.
  5. nicholars
    Thought you were Eisenhower for a minute but then noticed it wasn't haha.
  6. Hifi Man
    So... anyways I think the Sennheiser Momentum is nothing special. I actually prefer my Bose AE2. I feel more immersed in the music, and it sounds more spacious. I don't even touch my Sennheiser Momentums anymore.
  7. nicholars
    Sennheiser need to release the momentums but 50% bigger and with a big soundstage. That would be awesome.
  8. jmsaxon69
    Too bad they aren't working out for you. how long have you had them? Do your ears fit inside the cups or not? Mine JUST barely do....
    I spent some time with mine yesterday with the DragonFly on my laptop and I really enjoyed the experience..
  9. Hifi Man
    I think about a month. At first I used them non stop. Now I'm just trying to sell them. They've been on the market for 3 days and have about 100 views on ebay so I'm hopeful that they'll be sold soon, or at least eventually.
  10. jmsaxon69

    So you never noticed any difference in the bass from out of the box to a month later of heavy use? What about the ear cup issue? Just curious, hey if they are not right for you and you think your old Bose sound better great! Not trying to talk you into liking them....
  11. Superpiper Mk I
    I let my friend have a go of my new momentums, This was a few weeks after he showed me his $300 Beats.
    First thing he did was to plug them into his computer and hook up a youtube video of Blurred lines.
    "The Bass isn't great, is it?" was his reply.
    I could bash on about thinking testing earphones on  cruddy computer, using a low res youtube rip and using the bass as a criteria, but for him they didn't work. I listened to his beats btw, i thought they were ok. Thats ok as in better than Apple buds, but really average for a $300 pair of earphones.
    Its horses for courses, like women tbh. Some you like, some you don't Its really quite a statement to say either one is brilliant or crap,
  12. Trunks159
    I can't believe he used youtube...
  13. Superpiper Mk I
    I know,[​IMG]
  14. ev13wt

    I listen lots of stuff on youtube. Sometimes its about the music not the gear for me.
  15. inthere
    I recently got a pair of Marshall Monitors that initially sounded thin on the bass and now the bass is pretty heavy. I had 7 friends over and they all also felt the same way. We were excited about the Monitors because we were all very impressed with the Marshall Major FX 50. They were all disappointed with the Monitor. After roughly about 100 hours of burn in, the sound seemed to fill out
    in the lows and mids. 
     Since then getting my friends one by one to have a listen, they've all come to be pretty impressed by the Monitor. 
     I'm convinced that burn in does affect headphones, so I've bought some very expensive gear to record the changes that I *think* I've heard. Inner Fidelity did graphs of a Stax 009 before and after burn in that showed a difference, but that's the only headphone they've shown, so I plan on showing the difference with all of the headphones I test. 
     I suggest giving the Momentum a little more time.
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