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I don't understand the sennheiser momentum headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifi man, Jun 27, 2013.
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  1. Hifi Man
    I got these headphones with the idea that they were going to be great all around headphones. These were supposed to be the upgrade to my bose headphones; my smelly, 1000s of hours of use, beat up pieces of junk. So now that I'm actually using these, what the hell is the hype all about? They aren't as comfortable and they're very snug fitting, the sound sounds a bit like it's being pumped into my ear, instead of having at least an equal soundstage to the bose, the bass sound floppy, they sound a tad dark. I don't understand, why are these 350 dollars? Maybe I just don't understand, because I don't have much experience with headphones. I just expected something spectacular.
  2. Trunks159
    $250? Try 350. Im assuming you havent burnt them in, and your probably still atched to your previous headphones sound. Give them a well it two and your opinions will likely change

    You could've tried them out at best buy before buying them.
  3. Trunks159
    Don't expect anything spectacular from any closed portable cans below $400.
  4. meyner
    ^ i agree with Trunks. And as your right Hifi man, one of the strongest points of bose headphones in my opinion is comfort. Its suprising how uncomfortable some of the highend portable headphones are these days. Frankly in my opnion you can get fair sound from portable but if you want spectacular sound you better be prepared to spend lots on a non portable setup. Also in many cases you don't listen to a pair of headphones and immidiately realize how amazing it is (although it is the case dep on situation). But as you listen to it longer and longer you realize all the subtle improvements and before you know it, it might be hard to go bak.
    (but ya, i don't find sen momentums all that comfortable either)
    i also find a large amount of portable high ends to be a bit of a rip of like $300+? i would rather save a bit more or even for less you can prolly get a pretty food full size. I guess i just don't value portability much. To me its portable enough if i have a headphone that i can run well without a non portable amp and dac (Fiio 7 comes to mind). Just throw that denon in a slappa case and in your back pack and your good to go. Ignore the glares from people sitting next to you as your music leaks
  5. ev13wt
    If you don't like them, return them!

    Try some Sennheiser HD-26 Pro, they come out next month. I have auditioned them and really like them as a closed portable. Defititely a step above the 25s. More treble, specifically, and a bit of a cleaner sound.

    I never liked the momentums really. I stick to pro gear under 500 bucks.
  6. Schonen

    Burning in...the placebo that fixes all your ills. :)
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  7. Hifi Man
    I don't believe in burn in personally.
  8. Schonen
    If you don't like them now then it is probably not the sound for you. Return them is my advice. Maybe beyer T90.
  9. Hifi Man
    I only use portable headphones. I really don't want to invest in a stationary rig, I barely spend any time sitting down when I listen to music. I like to either lay down, or move around my house. I also want headphones that are like under 300 dollars.
  10. JamesL
    I agree with ev13, return them if you don't like them.
    Burn in won't make you like headphones that you don't already like.  However, i would still give it a few days of listen.  Normally, for myself if I've been listening to the same crappy headphones for a long time, switching to a new one will usually sound odd (and often times worse) since my brain and ears have adjusted to make the best out of the previous ones.
    .. And to the "don't expect much from $xxx headphones" comments,  throwing more money at it doesn't usually solve the problem.. best way to find something you like is actually trying them out first.
  11. Trunks159
    I sorta believe in it

    At first I was like: No such thing.

    But now I realize that it doesn't hurt to believe in it, along with your ears adjusting to the sound.

    But seriously, ive listened to two different cans, one new, one burnt in. and man it want hard to hear the difference.
  12. Schonen
    "best way to find something you like is actually trying them out first."
    If only stores allowed you to still do that. None around me allow that any more, except Monster Beats and Bose.
  13. wolfetan44
    Not true.
    Anyways, give yourself a week to acclimate to the sound, if you still don't like them, return them!
  14. meyner
    maybe try v moda m100? One of the more comfortable portable headphones that sound good. Stuff like DT 1350 and HD 25 have good sound but i do not find them comfortable enough
  15. wafflezz
    This isn't just you. The graphs and data taken of them show them to be quite consumerish.
    They honestly remind me of the cheaper philips uptown that everyone was raving about a few months ago.

    graphs of both.

    The uptown is like 75, the momentums go for 350$ 
    ...you guys tell me if it's worth the extra money for the upgrade on sound quality
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