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Hyla Audio TE-5B & TE-5T Impressions Thread

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  1. pstickne
    The third (fourth?) switch option will make the mids sound like the Oriolus :)
  2. issuzark
    That's it? Only one frequency? :astonished:
  3. Aslshark
    Hi SeeSax,

    Could you please provide some more comparisons between the TE-5B and the IER-Z1R? I understand you have them both? I have heard the IER-Z1R at the TSAV in LA and liked it. But curious about the Hylas..
  4. Aerosphere
    Spent some time reviewing Hyla's TE5B. Brilliant IEM. Very impressed by both the bass & treble regions.
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  5. uncletim
    I liked the Sony ZR1 quite a bit, just the size and form factor sort of got in the way. T5EB was my favorite. I'd like to buy if I can ever find.
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  6. BananaOoyoo
    It’s older, but I picked up one of these! Personally prefer these to the TE-5B, though I do have a soft spot for the TE-5T (which is even more of a specialist).

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  7. issuzark
    How's your mileage on the Linum cables? I used to have them years ago, died 3 times within a month.
  8. BananaOoyoo
    Really? I have two. The first one’s been used since March/April and the other’s basically new. No issues at all so far, and they’ve been my favorite cables to date re: ergonomics.
  9. issuzark
    Maybe mine's a bad batch, or it's something else. Mine's was... Something a lot older. Probably 2014 era. I did prefer it to the Silver Dragon too
  10. Stevemitchell
    Just placed an order to audition the T5BEs against my A&K T8iE IIs on my A&K SE100. Looking forward to it.

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  11. SeeSax
    Sorry, I didn't see this until now! Well, where to start, I guess first I should mention that I sold my Z1R if that tells you anything :)

    Comfort (for me anyway) is easily better on the TE-5B. The shape of the shell and the lack of huge weight of the Z1R makes it a more enjoyable listen simply based on that comfort factor. Sound signature is more v-shaped on the TE-5B where the bass hits particularly harder. The Z1R sounds more open with a larger soundstage and overall more neutral in tuning, but the TE-5B was more fun for me. Treble sounds somewhat similar in level of sparkle and I never really got into testing extension against one another. By memory, I'd say they were somewhat roughly equal on the treble side of things. For mids/vocals, I think I prefer the TE-5B very slightly. I don't think the Z1R has "thin" mids like everyone likes to say on the Z1R thread, but TE-5B was just overall warmer and more musical to me. Technically speaking, I think the Z1R may have the TE-5B beat in detail retrieval and overall clarity, but only just by a hair. These are just my thoughts and could be way off from everyone else's. The Z1R tends to draw a lot of disagreement on how it sounds, how it performs and whether or not it was the best IEM of all times. I loved it, but couldn't get used to the weight and I'm way too deep into the 2-pin ecosystem to poison myself with MMCX anyhow :)


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  12. lithiumnk
    I am selling my TE 5T.
    Plz check signature(link).
    Let me know if anyone interested.
    Getting a new amplifier for my main system. So i need the money.

  13. issuzark
    That's two different signatures. Have fun with your TE5B!
  14. Aslshark
    Thank you SeeSax, very helpful:)
  15. chucknoel2015
    Hello everyone. How is te5b compared to fiio fh7 ? Can anyone compare? Its the only iem i have and want something bassier than fh7 when i listen to hip hop and rnb. Thanks everyone
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