Hyla Audio Sarda Impressions / Discussion Thread
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Ah yes, I was referring to that one, the white one.

How does the white one sound?

Sounds great, not much different than the stock one. I'm not a huge believer in cables making large differences in sound though so take my opinion with a grain of salt. But the stock PW Audio cable is a bit stiff and it wasn't 2.5mm so I switched the the more flexible ISN cable.
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Hi everyone.

I just got my Sarda’s in. I love them. This is the sound I’m after. Clarity on point, bass, sub Bass. Really playing lots of genres fantastic. I’m sure these will keep me satisfied for a good while.
I’m running them off of my Fiio Q5s for portability. I’ll be a year abroad soon and I needed a great portable set.

Now I have a question. I use a IEMatch and it’s great on Single Ended, setting on high with stock cable. Sounds fantastic.

I tried putting it in Balanced just to see with an adapter I have. Sounds like they can’t handle it, just sounds bad. Even when playing silent with IEMatch on ultra. Also I heard a little pop in the right plug when putting it in balanced.

I’m just going to listen on single ended.

Now is it dangerous to put it in balanced? Too much power? Could I have done something bad by that?

I’m not in the know about specifics of audio, I just enjoy bloody good music and gear.

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Awesome! Glad you like them. What amp are you using with the ie match? Also, if you are trying to go balance input, which is perfectly fine, the ie match uses a dual 3.5 mm bal and single ended input, so you would need a specific 3.5 trrs cable to go balanced. If you had problems im guessing a wrong cable on the sarda or your amp may be an issue. Also, the sarda loves good quality source gear, not necessarily more power, but quality power. That being said, generally balanced inputs will have the better quality and quanity power in an amp or dac over single ended.Not always the case, just depends on how the designer implemented each output. But a rule of thumb, if it has balance, use that. But that doesnt mean it will outperform every singled ended source in that price tier. Hope this helps, id be glad to clarify more too!
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Added a picture above of what I use.
the fiio q5s is a dac/amp combo that has se and bal outputs. I used the stock cable into an IEMatch , into 3.5 female to 4,4 male adapter because the balanced input of the fiio is 4,4mm.

would there be anything wrong with that setup?
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The 3.5 female to 4,4 could be the issue, but I'm not certain. Unless that specific adapter is for a balanced 3.5 trrs to 4.4. If its single ended 3.5trs to 4.4, then ive been told to avoid converting single ended to balanced, as this can cause issues and ruin equipment. Idk if u need the ie match though, but you may want to get a 4.4mm cable for your sarda with your fiio.
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Thanks for the replies!

Any advice on where to buy good cables for the Sarda? So I‘d need something TRRS to 4,4? I live in europe btw.
Dont know much about Europe cable market, but I think Forza Audio is there? But id skip the ie match i think. I believe the ie match is if you where to use an iem with large desktop amps. Just get a 2pin to 4.4mm cable.
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So the thing about the iematch with the sarda is that it depends on the source. The sarda is a pretty sensitive set and will pick up noise if the source (in this case the Q5s) is also noisey. For instance I have to use a iematch on my questyle qpm with the sarda or else I get a pretty bad noise floor.
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So My Sarda’s gave out on me.
Left bud is playing no bass anymore , only some mids and highs. really upsetting.

When I received them, I played single ended with IEMatch for a good while that day, and all was fine.
Only thing I did at the start was test them in the balanced input for like half a minute. Which I now know was not a great idea as indeed, the stock cable is a TRS cable. So that sounded quite distorted via the IEMatch into the balanced input of the Q5s.

But would plugging in unbalanced to balanced for that one time be enough to bust a driver or something like that? I read doing so will just distort the quality of sound, but I don’t read it killing your gear immediately. And after I tested that, I just went to listening single ended and all was fine. I put them to rest at night, woke up the next day and my left bud was dead.

Anybody has a clue? Hope it can be fixed with warranty or something.

I was so happy I got these :frowning2:

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