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HYLA Audio Nerva X & CE-05 Impression thread

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  1. justrest
    There is no thread for Nerva X and CE05, so I think they deserve their own thread.

    I got my CE-05 directly from Hyla and I really impressed.



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  2. 1TrickPony
    Curious on a comparison with the ES5. You've got the hottest, freshly baked potatoes in the market!
  3. justrest
    CE-05 has more sparkle in the treble and Mid-range is a little bit recessed when I compare with the ES5. Also, CE-05's sub-bass is more powerful and it goes deeper. Ce-05 sound stage feels wider and airy.
  4. Mimouille
    Here are some first impressions on my Nerva X posted on FB.

    Hello folks, I thought I'd share some initial impression on the beautiful Nerva X from HYLA.


    I just listened for a couple of hours at this stage, so this is really an initial feeling.

    Obviosuly, they are a marvel to look at, and very comfortable, not too large. Another good thing is that the sound is NOT very tip dependent for some reason, which is less of a hassle. I settled on the JVC Spiral Dots at this stage.

    The general philosophy here seems to be musical and refined. Visceral, well-grounded and control bass, smooth and clear mids, non-aggressive yet detailed highs. Staging seems excellent, not excessively large but reasonably so with excellent imaging. They overall tonality is on the warm side, with a lot of realism.

    The thing that strikes me the most is the smoothness of sound and transition between frequencies. The people at Hyla sure know how to tune 10 drivers in a coherent manner.

    It might benefit from a brighter / airier source (which I don't really have), but with the WM1Z, I am going all in smooth musical full bodied and it is nice.

  5. justrest

    Great impressions and photos. Nerva-X looks really amazing, it's like jewelry.
  6. Asspirin
    Never heard of this brand, so I'm quite surprised by the price tag. The Nerva competing with JH Laylas, a whole bunch of top-end customs and 64Audio's top products... I'm really curious how they compare.
  7. Watermelon Boi
    HYLA is like a sister brand departed from Oriolus, though this one is solely engineered in JP while Oriolus is made by a collaboration of JP and CN.

    Both CE-05 and Nerva X sound stunning.. especially Nerva X with PW Audio 1960s.
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  8. Asspirin
    Ah thanks! I was even wondering about the optical similarity... Well, looking forward to some reviews then.
  9. 1TrickPony
    Have the Oriolus v2. Much of the mid fi stuff wasn't a huge step up from the LZ-A4. Unfortunately not many have heard these yet. So we're on the same boat.
  10. Virtu Fortuna
    I also received the CE-5 and I must say this IEM is really special on it's own. It's quite different from the MK2 though, but technicalities are better. Say resolution, separation and treble quality.

    But tonality-wise mids don't sound very natural, they're rather fun and have bright timbre/tonality.
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  11. Asspirin
    Aaaaaand I'm out :D
  12. 1TrickPony
  13. justrest
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  14. Marvellous_DAP
    Nice review. Thanks.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
  15. Virtu Fortuna
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