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What is considered the most transparent mode on the TT2, low gain or high gain? I always thought it was low gain, but someone on another forum said it is the opposite, and high gain is more transparent. I know single ended is considered a better option than XLR, or do I have that wrong too?
High gain because low gain adds an extra resistor to the signal path that reduces transparency, lthough it remains to be seen whether you could hear said difference. Some people said they do some say they don’t.

yes single ended is more transparent.

We have been indoctrinated well.....😜

That makes sense in theory. In terms of which gain mode sounds best, I think it is headphone dependent.
I tried both with my HD800S and decided I prefer low gain.
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I’ve owned the TT2 now for about a month and have owned many DACs with a variety of different implementations - brown burr, ESS Sabre and multibit. Upon first listen the TT2 was mind blowing. Coming from a Gumby - which I thoroughly enjoyed, it admittedly took me a while to adjust but now I could never go back.

The TT2 has tremendous clarity, speed and precision, that slightly resembles the Sabre but with a natural tone and incredible bass. At first, the huge step up in clarity, speed and precision was slightly overwhelming compared to the Gumby which seemed to have a relaxed sound with a longer decay. While pleasing, the Gumby couldn’t keep up with that fast or busy passages and the clarity is incomparable - the TT2 seems to be absent any noise but the intended sound. After my brain adjusted I simply can’t go back, I no longer have a desire to upgrade the DAC, it has incredible bass and weight to the tone reminiscent of the Gumby but with the speed and some of the clarity and precision of the Sabre. It’s seemingly the best of both worlds. Also the headphone out is fantastic and easily powers my HD800 and LCD3F on high gain. Using my solid state amp I did notice some loss in transparency and it’s a relief to eliminate another component and set of cables from my desk. It’s very hard to describe the sound, but once you have experienced it the impressions many have already posted will make sense and I have no hesitations recommending the TT2.
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No, then you need some premium cables, power supplies, etc.... :slight_frown:
Been there done that Hooster. What’s another handful of thousands spent on audio gear accessories anyway?
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You probably want to stay away from the M-Scaler discussion thread; could get expensive...

You read my mind: I’m already thinking about the m-scaler upgrade 😅
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Nice to hear! Enjoy your TT2. Just curious, are you testing Diana V2 directly from its Single ended, or XLR outputs? Or running through a separate power amp?
I'm still waiting for a XLR-to-6.35mm adapter to be able to test the Diana v2 with TT2.
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You read my mind: I’m already thinking about the m-scaler upgrade 😅
lucrasratmundo, for cripes sake man just do it! You can feel the power of the M Scaler compelling you. Come over to the Dark Side. Bwahahahahaha


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Where does one acquire the special garden hose made for hi end cans?

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