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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. ZappaMan
    we can argue endlessly which is ‘better’. But some people, who have had both, prefer the downgraded version. Then it’s coming down to a preference between transparency and perceived sound profile being preferable (warm or dark).
    I think it’s really interesting and also an excellent position to prevent upgraditus, which stalks these forums.
    I just got a pair of aeon flow closed, I’ve only listened a short time, but the perception of the drums is crazy good, it’s like your ear is just 10 cm above the kit.
    Hd800s were/are good, but they’re not as involving.
    The Hd800s cost twice as much. They’ll still have their place I’m sure, early days, just saying.
  2. racebit
    But Rob did say that 6 months ago. I can't state the exact date, but it was not far from the introduction of TT2.
    I mean the surprised at the gap part, not the shocked at the badly part, that he never said, not now or then.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  3. Amberlamps
    Rob, I’m sorry, I just act like a bitch when I can’t sleep because my feet and legs are on fire, nerve pain, it’s not an excuse, and I know TT2 was never intended to beat or even compare to dave. It was just the part about being shocked and surprised at how badly it performed when compared to dave.

    I’m still overjoyed with my setup, which I’ve told you many times before, but I can’t help wonder, what would I of bought if I saw that post 6 months ago ?

    Once again I’m sorry for being a bitch.
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  4. analogmusic
    Some of the posts questioning mscaler are also puzzling

    I can find no instance where Dave alone sounds better than mscaler with Dave

    It’s not about dark or smoother

    It’s about transients.

    Listen to some well recorded acoustic guitar and it’s very obvious what mscaler adds to Dave
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  5. Amberlamps
    Well, he is not exactly saying how surprised “how good it performed”, whats the opposite of good ?

    Rob can and has, spoken for himself, no need for you or anyone else to speak on Rob’s behalf.
  6. Foxman50
    You confuse the hell out of me sometimes. By this comment your saying, you don’t trust your own ears to judge which you prefer but you require Rob to tell you which he prefers.

    Hang on isn’t that exactly what you’ve just been accusing Dave owners of requiring, the nod from Rob.
  7. Amberlamps
    Choo choo, Rob’s army Rob’s army Rob’s army.

  8. analogmusic
    Amber lamps seems to be in a troll mood

    What ever.... why not enjoy life instead amberlamps.

    In England there’s a saying discretion is the best part of valour

    It means... if you feel pain have a stiff upper lip and bear it.
  9. Tekunda
    Could please point me to the post where Rob makes these claims?
  10. Tekunda
    I found it in the meantime, so no need to look it up for me, but thanks anyway.
  11. Tekunda
    Rob expected the TT2 lot closer to the Dave than it turned out to be. So we we can safely assume that imitially he intended it to perform much closer to the Dave.
    I am not an electronic engineer, but a question arises why he stopped right there?
    Why not revamp the design in certain parts to get closer to your initial idea of how the TT2 should have sounded?
    Rob seems to be a designer who pours his heart into his devices, how come then that such a man is content with above sound quality?
    The only answer I can think of is pressure from the management.
  12. Triode User
    Rob has posted before now saying how he works and works a design until he personally is satisfied that he cannot do any more. Of course this is within the constraint of a target price for components and therefore an ultimate end price. If you are saying you would have maybe preferred a £5k TT2 instead of the £4k one that we have then that is a different matter but I am pretty sure that Rob will have done the best he can within the £4k price. That is just the way he works.

    You suspect 'pressure from the management' but in things like this I always recall a favourite saying of my late father in law that "often there is less to situations than meets the eye". In other words you may well be reading far more into something than really exists.

    What I say is of course conjecture but it is my take on things.
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  13. analogmusic
    To my humble knowledge it’s about the Fpga differences between TT2 and Dave

    Simple really....
  14. Amberlamps
    In scotland we have a saying, “What”.

    It means “sunny with the prospect of showers in the afternoon”.
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  15. Triode User
    In Cumbria (my home county) you can often see the Scotland across the Solway Firth and we had a saying "If you can't see Scotland it is raining. If you can see Scotland it is going to rain".
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