HP Amp for DT-1990
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New Head-Fier
Feb 27, 2020
Just acquired a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-1990 headphones and I want a desktop HP amplifier for them.

Beyerdynamic A20 and the Burson Audio Soloist MkII are in my affordability.

Any views about which one might be the better buy?

Currently listening to music from my iTunes library & Qobuz Hi-Res, via Audivarna.
MacBook Pro, Cyrus Soundkey & FiiO A3 (E11 K). Sometimes I use my Oppo HA-2. All give very good results, but I want to take it up a bit.

My source will remain my MacBook.

Moved to a flat in a complex from a detached house, so big Naim home system not acceptable to neighbours, hence my listening is almost entirely via headphones these days.
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What is your budget, for the new DAC/amp?
Check out the website AVforum, it's located in the UK, people there might be able to point out where you can find the best prices, in Europe.
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Something like a JDS Atom with Topping E30? You can even push a Topping E30 + A90 stack.
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At £500 headphone amp only, you can easily get state of the art performance in headphone amps, Massdrop THX789, Topping A90, for example.

The Beyer A20 is not competive years ago , let alone now.
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Is a THX a good match for the DT1990s? I would think something less clinical would be better.
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I watched the video reviews. looks interesting. And there I was thinking it would be a binary choice between the Beyerdynamic H20 and the Burson Audio Soloist MkII
So with the R2R11, your getting a DAC function and headphone amplifier, all in one unit.
With the USB, optical and coaxial inputs, the R2R11 can be used with more then just computers.
Later on maybe get some nice studio monitors and connect them to the R2R11's line-output (RCA).

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