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How to tell if you're an audiophile...

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  1. wink
  2. warrenpchi Administrator
    It's old, but you guys might also enjoy the YKYAAW thread. :)
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  3. wink
    But, but that would be a
    Necro bump.jpg
  4. wuwhere Contributor
    You dream of owning one of these.

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  5. JaeYoon
    You know you are an audiophile when you startup a new business with name Audio Lovin. You have all everything you can imagine, headphones/earphones wrapped around stripper poles. You charge people money per hour for having a home system DAC/AMP on their lap and call the listening session a "Lapdance". Fancy cables wrapped around poles. Audiophiles are touching the cables, slowly up and down and getting off on the equipment. Some audiophiles getting off on doing threesomes with testing out 3 headphones.

    I got this idea from visiting a speaker store. I noticed two guys nearby with a store associate. I heard this horrid soundwaves touch my ears.
    Those two guys were touching this expensive speaker system, feeling up the thighs and sides and saying "oh yeah baby.... she's got all the curves in the right places... she's a real looker"
    "oooooh yess look at those baby making cones"'

    The Store Associate was looking away like "Man this is out of the ordinary, when's lunchtime" and he was staring at his watch every 3 seconds. He was looking around constantly, it looked like he was trying to find any nearby co-workers he can swap places with. But it was just him.
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  6. wink
    ....and he did not land the sale, right..?
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  7. JaeYoon
  8. wink
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  10. wuwhere Contributor
    If your closet looks like this.

  11. wink
    A little unpretentious. methinks......
    Needs to start a collection...... :ksc75smile:
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    upload_2017-10-19_1-24-51.gif ...
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    upload_2017-10-19_1-26-37.jpeg ...
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    upload_2017-10-19_1-28-19.jpeg ...
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