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How to tell if you're an audiophile...

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  1. crazychile
    I've actually done this...recently. But I'm married and have a hot wife so I don't get too distracted by hot girls.
  2. wuwhere Contributor
    When on average you fantasize about TOTL audio equipment 25 times a day.
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  3. mordy
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  4. mordy
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  5. mordy
    Another treasure:

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  6. wink
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  7. wink
    Lots_of_bills.gif ...
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  8. wink
    VU Meter.gif ...
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  10. wink
    upload_2017-10-10_19-57-41.gif ...
  11. wink
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    upload_2017-10-11_2-18-56.gif ...
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  14. DecentLevi
    When your request at a steak house for "darker" has to do with the sound-system rather than color of meat
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  15. wink
    If you introduce your wife as "My Wife Aacceptance Factor"
    If your Christmas Wish List costs more than the GNP of a small country
    If you can name 6 brands of turntables
    If your speakers can be mistaken for the Monolith in "2001"
    If your idea of a "good read" is the Audio Advisor Catalog
    If your favorite movie is "High Fidelity"
    If you have used Blu Tack and duct tape for something other than tacking paper and taping ducts
    If you window shop at Radio Shack
    If your ideal evening consists of listening to 3 seconds of each CD looking for the best "demo track"
    If you drive a car with an "I'd rather be listening to my audio system" license frame
    If you have ever taken the back off your TV just to check out the "build quality"

    Why did the amplifier hum?
    Answer: It didn't know the words.

    How long does it take for an audiophile to change a light bulb?
    Answer : Forever, because he can't get past the double blind testing.

    Favorite birthday gift for an audiophile that does not have a turnrable:
    An LP.

    You will know the boys from the men quickly;
    The boys will complain they do not have a turntable.
    The men will proudly inform you they will get a second mortgage shortly to be able to buy the new set to play this beauty...
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